Salut SIAL, bonjour Paris et voilà "Velander"

The Industry business unit is presenting the recently launched vegan cheese alternative "Velander".
Bremen, 07. October 2022.
DMK Group is presenting its vegan cheese alternative for industry and gastronomy at this year's SIAL (Hall 7; Booth C105). In addition to the recently launched "Velander" for industry, the Brand business unit is now also presenting two vegan cheese alternatives for gastronomy at the world's leading food trade fair, which will be launched at the beginning of 2023. In addition, the DMK Group will be showing further new products in both its classic and vegan portfolios. In live cooking with the well-known chef and impulse giver Heiko Antoniewicz, the company has numerous culinary inspirations to show.

"Velander" - a product with many applications
After the DMK Group had already presented initial concepts last year, the Industry business unit is now presenting the recently launched vegan cheese alternative "Velander" to a broad professional audience at SIAL. The focus here is primarily on the innovative application possibilities for the processing industry. Here DMK is setting new standards in the market: because the product came off as the best-rated vegan cheese alternative in tests by customers and consumers and is also one of the first for industrial use. The vegan newcomer in the DMK range owes its success not only to its taste, but also to its browning and melting behaviour, which is in no way inferior to that of classic cheese. Ideal for use in the pizza, snack and convenience sectors. For industrial customers, the DMK concept comprises two main products, each optimised in its properties for either hot or cold application.

Vegan cheese products now also for gastronomy
But that's not all - as the vegan cheese alternative also offers many applications for the gastronomy sector which were previously impossible or very difficult to achieve - e.g. for gratinating dishes. The Brand business unit thus is planning to launch two new products with its MILRAM Food Service division in this segment at the beginning of 2023: the MILRAM Gouda Alternative Rasp 1kg and the MILRAM Gouda Alternative Bread 1.5kg.

"I am delighted that after busy months of development, we are now launching our vegan cheese alternative in several segments. In the course of the coming year, products for the food retail sector are to follow. This makes me proud, because the development of a plant-based cheese variant that corresponds to classic cheese in taste and texture is many times more challenging than in other plant-based segments. As experienced cheese experts, we are therefore exactly the right partner to deliver the next generation of plant-based cheese alternatives. This means that, in addition to our core range, we can also offer the opportunity to our customers to serve consumers of vegan products - all from a single source," says Ingo Müller, CEO of DMK Group.   

In addition to the vegan cheese products, MILRAM Food Service is presenting the expansion of its range for the gastronomy sector to include plant-based desserts based on oats (gluten-free) as well as new products from the classic range such as MILRAM Crème Brûlée and MILRAM Panna Cotta, both in 1kg format. 

For retail, the brand division is presenting a vegan dessert range under the MILRAM brand and a plant-based cocoa drink based on gluten-free oats. As in MILRAM Food Service, all products come without flavour enhancers and preservatives and have short, comprehensible ingredient lists. The brand also shows further trendy products from the dairy product range, such as MILRAM Porridge, which can be enjoyed hot or cold.  

Oldenburger Professional in a new look
With the Oldenburger Professional brand, the International Division brings German know-how to chefs all over the world and presents several new products for the professional kitchen at SIAL, such as the "Performance Whipping Cream", which has been specially developed for cake decoration or for use in drinks in coffee shops. The business unit is also introducing a new dessert line that makes it easier to prepare popular desserts such as crème brûlée or panna cotta in daily work and can serve as the basis for other dessert creations, too. The brand also provides a first glimpse of an optimised packaging design. The highlight: integrated into the packaging, there can be found a lot of practical information and suggestions for food professionals and tips from chef to chef. In addition to Oldenburger and Oldenburger Professional, the business unit is also presenting its Rose brand, which is successfully established mainly in Western Africa, with two new products.

In live cooking with impulse giver and professional chef Heiko Antoniewicz, visitors can convince themselves of the diverse application possibilities for DMK products, taste the delicious creations and talk to the expert teams on site.