Naturally safe feeding.

Within the DMK Group, NORLAC GmbH is responsible for the sale and development of special animal feed. Fundamental to its success are the milk-based raw materials it uses from its own company, which are specially manufactured for the production of high quality milk substitutes, creating products that don’t just earn the word “milk” in their name, but also stand out due to their unique quality.

Market success for 60 years.

The core business is the sales and distribution of the NORMI brand. For over 60 years, it has stood for successful calf and piglet-rearing in northern Germany. They also offer food supplements in the form of energizers and mineral bucket licks, which support animals with special or increased needs.

We deliver the best quality, with certification guaranteed.

All NORMI milk substitutes are produced from the company’s own ingredients in our dairy in Zeven, where an experienced team work to ensure that they comply with all requirements in order to meet the highest product safety requirements – every single day. In addition to the obligatory QA certificate, NORLAC GmbH has the relevant GMP+FSA recognition and distributes VLOG-certified (Non-GMO) products.


“NORMI products help prevent diseases in the calf and dairy barn and, with their high-quality ingredients, make an important contribution to the sustainable production of food for a demanding society.”

Hendrik Hombergs, Managing Director NORLAC GmbH

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