Guaranteed quality. Guaranteed safety.

We don’t compromise on our quality and safety standards. In this regard, we’re committed not only to consumers and their quality expectations, but also to our customers in retailing and the food manufacturing industry. That’s why...

  • we select our suppliers carefully in accordance with pre-defined criteria
  •  we test the quality of the raw milk along the entire supply chain
  • we lab-test all raw materials, ingredients, packaging materials and end products
  • we monitor and continuously improve quality standards and product safety
  • we use state-of-the-art technical methods and processes
  • we comply with regulations and frameworks and set the highest standards for ourselves

Legal frameworks & certification

It goes without saying that we comply with ethical principles as well as legal regulations and frameworks at DMK. That’s why we process and refine raw milk using only the latest technical methods and guarantee the highest standards in hygiene, occupational health and safety and environmental protection.

Our quality management system is based on DIN ISO 9001 specifications and FSSC 22.000 and complies with the International Food Standard (IFS).

We ensure our products' food safety with the goal of continuously improving the associated standards. These include, for example, the legally prescribed control system HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), which contains a preventive management system for assessing hazards and risks in processes and products. For specific customer requirements, we have organic certificates in accordance with the EC organic regulation and QS. The latter relates specifically to the sale of animal feed (e.g. skim milk powder). In addition, we have the capability to meet special dietary requirements, e.g. for dairy products certified as kosher or halal.

The different standards are complementary so as to ensure the greatest possible product safety at all times. This is the only way we can be sure of impressing our customers with consistent quality at the highest level.

Employee skills

Truly safe and high-quality products can only be made by carefully trained and experienced skilled workers. Our employees’ training and continuing professional development are a top priority for us. We also consider it very important to develop young talents.

We don't just offer traditional CPD courses. We embody a corporate culture that promotes the exchange of knowledge and integrates all departments more closely. Successful in-house and external audits as well as awards prove with every year that passes that we live and breathe the principles of our quality policy on a daily basis. This way, we guarantee seamless quality assurance from the dairy farm to the supermarket shelf.

Our practices.

Sustainability as a collective task