We are DMK, Germany’s largest dairy cooperative. Dairy products are the basis of our product portfolio, what customers and consumers want is our mission. Our goal: to be with consumers in every phase of their lives. That’s why we select raw materials and ingredients with the greatest of care, and are always seeking new ways to make the production of dairy products more efficient and sustainable.

Details of our mission:

Summary of detailed information

Our Vision

The first choice for dairy products of natural origins – for always.

Our Values

Our three core values apply as ever: we are fair, innovative – and entrepreneurial in our actions.

Our Mission

As a preferred partner, we convince by having a deep understanding of customers and consumers, maximizing value creation and acting responsibly.

The Four Pillars of our Vision

  • First Choice. We want to be a leading competitor on select, strategic markets. This is not measured by — volume but means a signifi - cant market position.
  • Dairy Products. Dairy products form the basis of our product range. We offer the best selection of dairy products and are expanding into related food and drink segments.
  • For Always. Our goal is to be with consumers in every phase of their lives, from baby food to senior citizen diets.
  • Natural Origin. We use nature’s resources to opti - mum effect and select our ingredients with the greatest care. We stand for natural products with a pure, unadulterated milk flavour.

The Four Pillars of our Mission

  • Preferred Partner. We have a strong basis in the B2C- and B2B markets in Germany and around the world. We want to be a reliable partner for our customers and work together on innovative solutions.
  • Deep Understanding of our Customers and Consumers. For us, the customer comes first and we keep costumise our offering around that. We optimise our key products to exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • Sustainable Responsibility. We are responsible for our dairy farmers, our employees and our consumers. We achieve the best possible milk price, create a platform for our employees and pro - duce good products.
  • Maximum Value. We know how to get the best out of our milk. We use our knowledge to create tasty products and at the same time achieve the best possible value added for our customers and for DMK. Our Three Core Values Despite all the changes currently underway, our core values are unshakeable. DMK stands for fairness, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. We want to live these values, together with our 14,000 employees and millions of customers around the world.

Our three core values apply as ever:

  • we are fair
  • innovative
  • entrepreneurial in our actions.

More than 11,000 dairy farmers and employees across our business work together hand in hand with DMK. We produce modern products value-creating and resource-saving.

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