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The many advantages at DMK.

Our values and actions are centered on a sense of "we" based on tradition. This includes optimal working conditions and numerous benefits for our employees. 


Family service / life situation coaching

A good work-life balance is important to us. We know that many of our employees have family commitments. That's why we support our employees in solving compatibility issues through cooperation with the pme Familienservice Group.
Life situation coaching is open to all employees and their relatives and can be conducted as individual, couple or group counseling.

Digital Active Break

Twice a week, we offer the Digital Active Break, where effective, everyday exercises can be learned to strengthen muscles and promote flexibility.

Offers for employees

DMK GROUP employees have the opportunity to purchase products from a wide range of areas at reduced prices. There are also free products on the premises.

Insurance quotes

DMK-Versicherungskontor GmbH has concluded framework agreements with a number of insurers exclusively for DMK Group employees, enabling them to benefit from discounted terms.

Flexible work locations

Making the time and place of work more flexible plays a key role in making work fun and motivating. That is why we have secured the opportunity for more flexible workplaces for our colleagues in administration.

Vacation and salary

Sufficient vacation and fair pay are essential for satisfied employees. With us, everyone has 30 days' vacation a year and is paid according to the collective wage agreement. Commercial employees receive vacation and Christmas bonuses.

Optimal workplaces

Fit, fit, hooray: Our commercial employees can not only look forward to a fitness room in the new building, but also to deskbikes and walkdesks. Also available in the new building - charging facilities for e-cars & e-bikes and work cafés.

Regulated compensations

The well-being of our colleagues is close to our hearts. That's why our industrial employees can rely on regulated locker room time that counts as additional vacation days, regulated compensation days for overtime hours, and time off in lieu for night shifts.

Targeted promotions at the DMK.

Professional development needs to be well planned. That's why we focus on the personal potential of our employees. And support them in achieving their professional goals.


With StepUp, we provide our employees with new opportunities in their professional lives. Every DMK employee who wants to advance professionally can apply for StepUp, a support programme for job-related, individual and university continuing education. Those who qualify can be released from work for a certain period of time after a potential analysis. DMK assumes the costs up to a certain limit - and of course reintegration into the existing employment relationship is guaranteed.

Continue to grow

Our working world is constantly changing. And rapidly. To ensure that our employees remain fit for the work of tomorrow, we support them with targeted training and offers to continually expand their skills and qualifications.

Training & Developement

Via our "Training & Development" platform, we offer a wide range of online and/ or face-to-face training courses that are constantly in our portfolio and which employees can attend in-house in consultation with their manager. The training program ranges from personal-social topics to professional development and a wide variety of offerings on topics such as "employee leadership, coaching or challenges as a manager" - and this across all hierarchical levels and experience levels.


At DMK, our colleagues can turn their passion into a career - thanks to "Passion". With this development program, employees develop their potential.

In the process, they pass through several stations in the company and participate in projects. The duration of the program is always determined individually - up to 24 months are possible. A company mentoring person is provided to record professional and personal developments in an exchange. Passion's learning opportunities include so-called basic modules, for which participants meet together. The aim is to gain a better understanding of their own values and to promote a successful leadership culture.

Learning form the others

Around 6,600 employees work at DMK - in offices, production facilities and in field sales offices. All of them contribute significantly to the company's success with their passion and commitment. And they are happy to share their expertise with their colleagues. With mentoring and job rotation, our employees support each other and ensure important knowledge transfer.



We believe that "learning on the job" and mentoring" are important aspects when it comes to the further development of employees. Here, the managers or more experienced colleagues in the teams are particularly important. This is because they can explain and show things to interested and learning employees directly in their daily work. So we join forces and accelerate the transfer of knowledge within the company - and do so in as practical and authentic a way as possible. "Tandem" is the keyword. We have colleagues in all areas with professional, career and life experience and enormous expertise - on the other hand, there are many people who, properly supported, don't have to invent every wheel themselves, but pick up speed directly. We bring both together in mentoring.

Job Rotation

With the DMK "Job Rotation" program, we enable our employees to change perspectives within the company. In this way, we ensure that there is a lively exchange between different departments or trades and that our colleagues regularly broaden their horizons.

At the same time, we ensure mutual understanding and the program accelerates future work and coordination processes.

Additional skills and competencies

In addition to specialist and job-related training, we also offer our employees courses and training that develop their personalities. And satisfies their curiosity for new and non-specialist topics. After all, it can be very inspiring to look beyond one's own professional horizons. And to learn additional skills and competencies.

Good Habitz

Good Habitz

In addition to the official training measures, we have also introduced the "GoodHabitz" tool in the company. With the help of this externally operated platform, employees can further educate themselves in a variety of topics. There are online trainings on digital skills, language skills, leadership skills and soft skills such as mindfulness, sustainability or stress reduction. Especially nice - new courses are added every month. So everyone can find exactly what they need.

The DMK Group covers the costs for this wide range of training and development opportunities.

Language training

Language training

DMK offers various options for learning or refreshing a foreign language and works with different providers for this purpose, depending on the employee's needs.

Reports from our training programs

DMK Insights

We'll be happy to let you look behind the scenes so you can get to know us and your opportunities at DMK

How to contact us

Do you still have questions about the DMK? Then feel free to contact us - by phone, e-mail or in person at the next event.


We are here for you with questions and suggestions.

This is how we act.

We see sustainability as our major joint task for the future.