Guardrail for working together fairly

DMK Group’s core values are entrepreneurial, fair and innovative. They also apply when it concerns the compliance of rules and regulations. In doing so, we always act responsibly, strategically and sustainably, thus securing the future of our company.

What compliance means to us

As an international dairy group, DMK Group is obliged to comply with numerous legal regulations. Any violation against legal provisions can have serious consequences. Compliance measures are intended to help make it easier to comply with rules. Damage can thus be averted and violations against these rules actively prevented.

We follow a clear code

In order to help our employees protect their own interests and those of the DMK Group, we have developed our own code of conduct. This is supplemented by internal guidelines in order to make it easier to comply with legal provisions.

DMK's whistleblower system and protection of whistleblowers

If we want to remain true to our values and rules, we cannot simply accept misconduct. For this reason, employees can submit anonymous reports via a digital reporting platform at sicher-melden.de and an ombudsman who is sworn to secrecy. The procedure for submitting reports is governed by rules of procedure. Business partners also have the opportunity to submit reports via these reporting channels, for example to draw attention to human rights or environmental risks or violations in their own business area and in the supply chain. The DMK Group protects whistleblowers from any kind of discrimination or penalisation.

The Whistleblower Protection Act also provides for the possibility of external reporting. For this purpose, the federal government has set up an external reporting centre at the Federal Office of Justice (BfJ). Information on the legal scope of application, the possible reporting channels and the reporting procedure can be obtained directly from the federal government's external reporting centre.