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Good team. Good work.

As the largest German dairy cooperative, the DMK Group employs several thousand people. A huge responsibility, and we aim to live up to it with every day that passes. So it’s important to us for our employees to feel happy in their work. Their working environment should inspire them and allow them to focus on key issues.

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Advantages and development

You don't like standstill? Great, because neither do we. That's why we offer our employees a variety of training courses and programs that help them develop personally and sustainably. 


Working at
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We know all about recipes for success.

High-quality dairy products don't just make themselves. To make them come out right, all the ingredients have to be carefully selected and be in perfect balance It’s very similar with our employees. At DMK, ever individual has special skills, but when you work with a team exciting new things are created that take our company forward.


Insights and stories

How does it feel to work for Germany's largest dairy company? Our colleagues can best tell you. From the trainees to the managers, we show you interesting insights into everyday working life at DMK.


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behind our scenes

Find out what work and
training at DMK is like.

Your connection to us

Do you still have questions about our internships? Then feel free to contact us - by phone, e-mail or in person at the next event.

Fair dateAddressLocation
21.02.2024KGS Tarmstedt JG 9Zeven
26.02.2024Heinrich Behnken Schule SelsingenZeven
01.03.2024Ausbildungsfachtag 24Hohenwestedt
06.03.2024Constructor Career Fair 2024Bremen
12.03.2024Lernhaus im Campus in Osterholz Scharmbeck (parcours)Zeven
16.03.2024Jobmesse ErfurtErfurt
20-21.03.2024Vocatium NeubrandenburgAltentreptow (Neubrandenburg)
09.-10.04.2024Vocatium ErfurtErfurt
13.04.2024Abi Zukunft LohneHoldorf
13.04.2024Abi Zukunft LohneHoldorf
13.-14.04.2024Barlag Jobmesse OldenburgOldenburg
20.-21.04.2024beruf & bildung OsnabrückGMH
03.05.2024Berufswahl Shuttle GMHGMH
14.-15.05.2024Vocatium OldenburgEdewecht
15.-16.05.2024Vocatium FlensburgNordhackstedt
24.-25.05.2024Ausbildung 49GMH
30.05.2024Vocatium BremenBremen
03.-04.07.2024Vocatium RostockAtentreptow
21.08.2024Berufsweg parcours IGS Zeven JG 9Zeven
24.-25.08.2024Barlag Jobmesse BremenBremen
29.08.2024HS+RS Bremervörde (Parcours)Bastein muss eine Messe canceln
12.-13.09.2024Vocatium MünsterMünster
28.-29.09.2024Barlag Jobmesse OsnabrückOsnabrück


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This is how we act.

Sustainability is part of our identity. And guides us in everything we do.