We know cheese.

Valuable raw materials, state-of-the-art technology and a great deal of experience: That is the secret of our first-class cheese products. We produce delicious semi-hard cheeses and mozzarella for our diverse range of brands, as well as for our partners in the trade and processing industry. The right combination of product ideas, recipes, packaging solutions and know-how – therein lies our success. As the largest dairy cooperative in Germany, this makes us an important supplier of really good cheese.

Our cheese brands

Strong brands for a demanding market

Everything that good cheese needs.

The best recipes, optimum production conditions, excellent raw materials and re-sealable packaging that maintains the product’s quality for a long time are all contributing factors in turning a mature product into a complete one that wins over customers all around the world.

As portions and pieces, in slices or grated, for the cheese counter, the pre-pack area or the refrigerated counter, for gastronomy, communal catering and bakeries – with our know-how and our modern production facilities, we meet almost all customer requirements in terms of sliced cheese and mozzarella.

Our partners in retail and the out-of-home market can also rely on this. With expertise, experience and a comprehensive 360° service covering all areas of production and logistics, we accompany them according to their requirements – whether in the development and implementation of product concepts for their private label range or new trend concepts for community catering. For example, we are working hard to make the packaging of our cheese products sustainable, while at the same time ensuring our high standards of product safety and quality.


In addition, we offer the food processing industry, including manufacturers of pizza and frozen products, a broad product portfolio that is oriented towards market requirements and can be adapted precisely to the respective application and individual circumstances.

Here we benefit from our many years of experience in food service. As market leader, MILRAM Food-Service is in continuous exchange with chefs and industry experts. As a result, we know what requirements cheese has to meet in cold and hot cuisine. There is a good reason why we are number 1 in the out-of-home market with MILRAM cheese.


Thanks to a highly innovative application department, we know exactly how to best process our cheese.

Born to Cheese

A campaign between passion and expertise

“To make great cheese, in the end, you can't really have much more knowledge than we do at DMK."

Oliver Bartelt

The Born to Cheese campaign aims to show DMK’s incredible cheese-making expertise. It ranges from production and product development via application technology to sales and distribution, with our colleagues from the various departments having gathered their knowledge in numerous projects and at a wide variety of locations over many years in the joint pursuit of a single goal: making great cheese.

We are your partner for cheese made from tradition and passion

What happens when decades of experience meet state-of-the-art technologies in our factories ? Quality that can be experienced and enjoyed with all the senses. For example, our factory in Hoogeveen in the Dutch province of Drenthe has been producing naturally matured cheese such as the popular Gouda in various stages of maturity for over 100 years.

Germany is world-famous for its wide range of bread specialities. So it is no wonder that it is way out in front in the production of popular cheese for sandwich filling. Like our MILRAM (market leader in food retail + FS) and Oldenburger brands, which delight with spicy, creamy and savoury cheese specialities. And the retail brands whom we support as a strong partner with our products and services.

Side by side: milk and its plant-based alternatives

“A food revolution is taking place. Food has to be healthy, good for the environment and delicious at the same time.”

Christine Barjenbruch, Senior Business Intelligence Manager

The decision to leverage our existing cheese expertise to develop a vegan alternative came easily. Tests showed early on that the vegan variant can hold its own against milk-based cheese in terms of its qualities: it tastes great, melts like cheese, goes nicely stringy and browns when heated. Everything thus goes together at DMK when it comes to cheese: the required expertise with a passion for cheese. As well as milk with its plant-based alternatives.

Would you like a little more?

Our partners in industry, trade and the out-of-home market benefit not only from our many years of experience and technical expertise in milk processing, but also from our knowledge of what customers, chefs, shoppers and consumers need.


Consumer desires change – and that is why there are always new and exciting trends in the food industry, which we recognise and pick up on with our DMK-owned international trend network and management department. Our know-how from regular consumer and market studies ensures that our partners stand out in the market and score points with their customers and guests.

Of course, we not only have the consumer in mind: What makes a cheese ideal for melting on a pizza? What do chefs need when it comes to cheese? Which convenience solutions are in demand? We also discuss these questions in dialogue with the professionals – for optimal products at maximum quality!


In doing so, we are also able to see the bigger picture: How do product ranges develop? What does this mean, for example, for the presentation of products on the shelf or the cheese counter? Which flavours are in vogue – and how is cheese used?



We advise our partners in a trusting and personal manner in order to continuously develop their brand together. Our experts from Application & Development, Marketing and Category Management are competent contact and sparring partners.


In the out-of-home market, we focus on conceptual solutions that have a clear added value for the restaurateur, chef or baker. In addition to high-quality basic ranges and trendy convenience products, we always provide new ideas and inspiration. One example is the current megatrend of pizza, which is now taking over community and social catering. Another is the theme of snacking, which we are using to place our new MILRAM cheese stars on centre-stage. "Always one more idea" – is our promise. In following this principle, we are guided by current trends, among other things, which we generate via our national and international DMK trend scouts, and also using our own TrendApp.

You can look forward to these cheese products from us:

Sliced cheese
  • Naturally matured (VLOG and Dutch pasture milk)
  • Foil matured (VLOG)
  • Pack-aged
  • Various, strong-selling varieties
  • Different packaging sizes
Grated cheese
  • Mono and mixed varieties (up to four varieties per mix)
  • From mild to spicy
  • Excellent tanning behaviour
  • Different grammages
Portions / Wedge pieces
  • Gouda young & semi-mature
  • Naturally matured
  • Without genetic engineering
Rectangular pieces
  • Without genetic engineering
  • Naturally matured
  • Selected varieties

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