We provide for the nutrition of tomorrow.

As Germany’s largest dairy cooperative, we process around 5.5 billion kilos of milk every year. That makes us one of the most important suppliers to the German retail grocery trade, and we stand for quality, diversity and innovation. Our product portfolio ranges from cheese and fresh dairy products to baby food, ice cream and ingredients for industrial production which are contained in many of the products we all eat every day, from the cheese on a pizza to the filling in a chocolate bar. All produced in top quality and in line with the latest standards. We always keep consumers’ needs in mind and work every day to provide them with natural dairy products.

Our brands delight millions.

MILRAM, Oldenburger, Humana, Alete, Uniekaas – our brands are successfully established in Europe and selected target markets all over the world. We constantly extend this leadership by using our experience, responding to trends and constantly adapting our portfolio to the needs of our customers and consumers. Thanks to intense research and development, we produce innovative and tasty products that will continue to enthuse their recipients in the future and motivate us to get the best out of our milk.

Facts & figures

around 4,700 dairy farmers

6,600 employees

More than 20 sites worldwide

5.5 billion euros in turnover

Our vision? A bright future for all.

Our day-to-day lives are changing and our food culture is developing too. So today at DMK Group, we are speculating about the future and preparing ourselves for the world in 2030. For this purpose, we are focusing our attention even more on the wishes and needs of our consumers and putting value creation before growth. We want to delight our customers with high-quality milk products of natural origin; products that perfectly fit into their lives – from baby nutrition to senior diet food. For an entire lifetime.

We take responsibility - with heart and mind.

We are constantly aware of our responsibility, from the meadow to the supermarket shopping experience. That’s why we select all ingredients with the greatest care and see to it that they’re processed in the best possible way. Social issues such as the reduction of sugar in food, packaging waste, animal welfare and sustainable feed also play a major role for us. With our sustainability strategy and the Milkmaster Programme, we improve sustainability in dairy farming holistically, taking an approach in which all areas of the company are involved. That way, we give a clear signal of the need for more sustainability in milk production.

DMK - a strong community based on passion.

As a traditional cooperative owned by our farmers, our company has always had a central focus on the we-feeling. We see ourselves as a community that encourages self-management and shapes the future as a joint force. That's why we place great importance on dialogue and encourage the conversation between farmers and employees. Our unique feature here: from the farm to the dairies to the supermarket shelves and our consumers’ tables, we monitor all the steps that the milk passes through with the greatest care. Our raw milk isn't just any milk – our farmers personally ensure that it satisfies the highest requirements.