Our investment in a successful future.

Thanks to our high-quality products and many years of experience, we have achieved a strong position on the market. But we don’t want to stop there. Today we are already thinking about tomorrow and have embedded innovation development firmly into our company strategy.

In the past years, we have set up the Corporate Innovation Management department and invested in the ) positive innovation culture of our company. Our two “Milk Innovation Centres” (MIC) within the Research&Development departement provide the ideal conditions for this.

We have thus laid the basis for a successful future – with more sustainability, flexibility and fairness for all.

We focus on an integrated innovation process.

Our team of experts drives forward the innovation process throughout the company and integrate the knowledge collected from all departments to develop new product solutions.

In doing so, they are always aware of current trends and research new ideas along the entire value-added chain. This applies not only to milk production, but also to new business areas and models, technologies, methods and optimised processes, as well as ingredients and packaging. External partners contribute additional expertise to the process and give a key boost to research and development.

The result are innovative solutions that enable us to actively shape the future. This is beneficial for us as a company, our farmers, our customers and, of course, for the consumers of our products.

Progress through research and development

Innovation is impossible without research and development (R&D), and the DMK Group is no exception. This is why we invest in joint research projects with universities, joint development with suppliers, staff increase and the use of state-of-the-art facilities.

R&D supports the optimisation of manufacturing processes and, together with other departments of the company, develops a range of key projects for the DMK Group. Our goal is to improve our value added through constant quality improvement, product innovations, optimised processes and new technologies, thus ensuring the future success of the DMK Group.

Welcome to the Milk Innovation Center.

Our full innovation capabilities are reflected in our two Milk Innovation Centers.

At the MIC site in Zeven, new products are developed for the “Milk” and “Powder/Ingredients” category groups, which are important to the food retail and FMCG industries, for example. However, we also focus on product solutions optimised in process and application for the food manufacturing industry, for example in the areas of confectionary, baked goods and ice cream, the HoReCa sector (Hotels, Restaurants, Catering), as well as the frozen food and delicatessen industries.  In a “mini dairy” and with special confectionary and baked-goods technology, we work on tailor-made solutions, paying attention to every detail.

A similarly innovative approach is being taken at the MIC in Edewecht. This is where we can work specifically on new products and recipe formulations until they are ready for market. This happens in state-of-the-art pilot facilities and the excellently equipped experimental cheese dairy, which provide the ideal conditions for these types of projects.

Shaping the future of the dairy industry

Our society is constantly changing, resulting in changes in our lifestyle. In order to remain an innovative company, we are already addressing our customers’ needs of tomorrow, today.

As Germany’s largest dairy company, we have many years of experience and in-depth knowledge about what our customers and consumers need and want. We use this expertise to drive progress in the dairy industry. In doing so, not only do we draw on resources within the DMK Group, but our subsidiaries also provide their expertise in the field, creating synergies that contribute significantly to the development of new products.

We also network at international events with partners from business and science in order to push our ideas through quicker. A global network of trend scouts and experts support us in recognising new developments early on and responding with new product solutions. This helps us secure the success of our company in the long term – and gets us a considerable step closer to meeting our goals with regards to sustainability and value enhancement along the value-added chain.