Nutrition shapers - with innovative ideas

Thinking and acting innovatively is one of our three core values . This attitude is part of our culture. As a company, we have to keep developing in harmony with people and society. Whether we’re using new methods, introducing new techniques or processes, or implementing an idea: whatever the issue, we take a creative approach and often break new ground in the process. We want to achieve our goals and make a difference with innovative formats. Because there is something unique in practically every company. What is it at DMK? A strong team spirit, motivation and the opportunity to make a difference - in the climate, nutritional habits or personal development.

WhatsApp as a recruitment channel
WhatsApp as a recruitment channel for trainees, enabling us to have a direct and authentic interaction with the rising generation.
Living diversity:
the future lies in personal relationships within the company

Our podcast "Denkfutter", a conversation about success in football and in companies that provides exciting insights and food for thought.

Innovativeness powerssustainability

Sustainability is a cross-sectional task for us and engages different departments such as purchasing, agriculture and occupational safety as well as environmental protection, energy management and quality management. Our major goal is to ensure greater sustainability along the entire value chain: to use our resources sparingly and implement holistic environmental protection in both production and business.

Visions for the future, ideas and the team as the driving force

We keep a watchful eye on current trends and explore new ideas along the entire value chain. External partners bring additional know-how to the process and provide crucial stimulus for research and development. We foster creative and networked thinking and establish formats such as communities, trend summits, round tables, brain food events, workshops and hackathons to involve all employees. This way, we create innovative solutions with which we actively shape the future. The approach benefits our company, our farmers and customers – and of course the end consumers of our products as well.

"We have the courage to be open to new ideas and to fulfill them together. That's how we will achieve a major surge in innovation."

Ingo Müller, CEO DMK Group

Digitalisation and innovation along the entire value chain

Digital technologies for the future and innovation potentials run through the entire value chain. An important task for the future is therefore to enable the use of digitalisation from the farm to the customer. In addition to digital applications in our factories, digitalisation is also increasingly being used on farms. myMilk  is the digital link between the farm and the dairy company.

Progress through research and development

Innovation translates the market’s needs into products - against the background of our era’s climate change. Structures and processes create the framework for goal-oriented development of innovations. There can be no innovation without research and development (R&D). This also holds true for the DMK Group. R&D supports the optimisation of manufacturing processes and, together with other corporate departments, develops a wide range of projects of major importance to the DMK Group. Furthermore, we invest in joint research projects with universities, cooperation with suppliers, the expansion of our workforce and the deployment of state-of-the-art plant and equipment. The goal: to increase added value and thus secure future success.

Welcome to the Milk Innovation Center.

The full power of our innovation capabilities in product development  is demonstrated in our two Milk Innovation Centers (MICs). New products are developed at the MIC site in Zeven for the fresh dairy and powder/ingredients sectors, whose products are crucial to food retailing, the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industries and other areas. However, we also focus on optimising processes and applications for product solutions intended for the food manufacturing industry, for example in the areas of confectionery, baked goods and ice cream, the HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, Catering) sector, as well as the frozen food and fine foods industries.  We work on tailor-made solutions in a “mini dairy” and with special confectionery and baked-goods technology, paying attention to every detail.


A similarly innovative approach is taken at the MIC in Edewecht. We have the capability here to work on new products and recipes up to the stage of marketability. Our state-of-the-art pilot facilities and excellently equipped experimental cheese dairy provide the ideal conditions for such projects.

Shaping the future of the dairy industry

Our society is constantly changing, and with it our lifestyle. To live up to our standards as an innovative company, we are already addressing the needs of tomorrow today. Our many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of what our customers and consumers want are the key resources here. Our subsidiaries also contribute their expertise, creating synergies which contribute to the development of successful products.

Vegan products
Plant-based alternatives are now a must for every food manufacturer. We know what good products should taste like and have a deep understanding of flavour, quality and how cow’s milk is processed for both the B2B and B2C sectors. This know-how can also be transferred to plant-based products.