Active sustainability - part of our DNA since 2005.

We have defined our responsibility as the DMK Group for people and the environment in our mission statement 2030. For more than a decade, our main goal has been to put sustainability at the core of our actions along the entire value chain. Sustainability is a cross-sector task that involves various specialist areas such as purchasing, agriculture and occupational safety as well as environmental protection, energy management and quality management. It concerns us all and is the foundation of all our actions.

The DMK Responsibility Report
A detailed overview of the sustainability measures already implemented and targeted by the DMK Group can be found in our Responsibility Report.

Examples of 2020 sustainability projects

In harmony with humankind and nature

We act in harmony with mankind and nature from the meadow to the glass of milk and accept our responsibility as a sustainable dairy company for our milk producers, employees and consumers: We generate the best possible milk price for our producers, we establish a platform for our employees, and we produce excellent products for our consumers.

DMK Group value chain
Milk production
around 4,700 active milk producers across Germany deliver their milk to DMK.
Milk collection
180 milk collection trucks bring the milk to plants in 10 federal states (delivery logistics).
Milk processing
DMK processes the milk into various products in specialized factories.
The products are delivered from the DMK plants to further processing companies and the trade.
Processing and trading
DMK products can be found in retail, gastronomy, pharmacies and processing companies.
Consumption and disposal
The products are bought and consumed. Most packaging can be disposed of via the dual system or as waste paper.

DMK Sustainability Strategy 2030

We have combined the different measures contained in our DMK sustainability strategy into four thematic areas: climate protection, animal welfare, biodiversity and people. Driving these measures forward will help us to move closer to our 2030 target. At the same time, we always keep a close eye on changing technical, social and societal requirements.

The new Milkmaster programme

Since 2016, DMK has offered its milk producers Milkmaster, a bonus programme to promote responsible and sustainable milk production. It aims to raise farmers' awareness of issues such as safety, quality, animal health and the environment and rewards them for their commitment.

The Milkmaster programme is dynamic and is revised every two years to meet current requirements in terms of agricultural practice, customers and society. It was last revised in 2020 with the aim of continually improving the programme.


Our work: outstanding and prize-winning.

EcoVadis, an internationally recognised platform for evaluating sustainability in global supply chains, honoured DMK’s achievements in 2020 with the “Gold” quality label for the fourth time in succession. It sees the DMK Group as a front runner in the food industry. EcoVadis gave DMK a “Silver” rating in the most recent ranking. Unilever awarded the DMK Group the rank of “Sustainable Supplier” for the fifth time.

Our practices.

Sustainability as a collective task