Dairy products, made in Germany.

We have a clear claim: At DMK, we always make the most of our milk. This is how we have developed into the largest dairy cooperative in Europe and are considered one of the most important partners for the food retail trade, the processing industry and the food service sector. In fulfilling this role, we use our passion, our knowledge of the market and our many years of experience to process around 5.5 billion kilograms of this valuable raw material every year and to develop products of the highest quality – for our own brand range, but also for the brands and products of our business partners.

Our dairy brands

Strong brands for a demanding market

Our milk.

The importance of milk and dairy products in food retailing is significant – the segment represents one of the largest areas on grocery shelves. We are one of the largest suppliers of this range to the food retail trade, with whom we have a long-standing and reliable partnership.


With years of experience, gained through many decades of milk processing, coupled with state-of-the-art technology in our 20+ plants at home and abroad. These are certified several times, for example in the area of sustainability. This results in high-quality dairy products that inspire people all over the world. We also have a high-performance and efficient logistics system with which we reliably deliver the desired quality and quantity.


Professionals also place special demands on our products. Reliability, ease of use and versatility, even for convenience products, are just some of the attributes that chefs take for granted. As the market leader, we at MILRAM Food-Service know what our customers want. Our proverbial "ear in the market" is our external team of chefs, with whom we are in regular exchange.


Sustainability continues to grow in importance and consumers are thinking about nutrition in a new and more intensive way. How does this affect the product ranges? We at DMK work intensively with category management, trend and market research to find the right concepts and answers for our customers' own-brand ranges in Germany and Europe. In addition to modern packaging solutions and a wide range of dairy products, we also offer other health products for our retail partners.

Good to know...

We work every day to make dairy products even better.


We support our partners with up-to-date and relevant information: With regular market, shopper and consumer studies. In doing so, we keep our eye on global developments. We have built up our own DMK global trend-network over many years, in the world’s exciting metropolises. The places where new ideas are born. This enables us to see the first impulses and signals early on, meaning our partners can score points throughout Germany and Europe.


This puts us in the middle of the international action, so to speak. According to our trend scouts, convenience and health are the main drivers of the current New Work trend. In practice, this means: pre-cooked or pre-prepared dishes that are individualised to the situational needs of guests and customers – whether vegan or paleo, fitness or brain food, whether immune, mood or mental booster. We take all of this into account when developing products and recipes, when advising our customers and, of course, for inspiration – for chefs, but also for trade partners. After all, gastronomy and food retailing are becoming increasingly dovetailed. We are well prepared for this with our MILRAM brand.


Well developed

Consumers are looking for impulses and variety, and not just in the taste or consistency of a product. More protein or even more indulgence – or preferably both at the same time? We are continuously working on adapting our products to these needs so that our partners and customers always get the best out of milk – just the way they like it.


This consumer behaviour is of course also reflected in the out-of-home market. We are jumping on the protein bandwagon with classics such as our cottage cheese, but also with suitable new products. We develop attractive concepts for the chef or baker that correspond to the current zeitgeist and are well received by the guests.

We make the best out of milk.

Whether sweet or savoury, as a dessert or cream cheese, fresh or with a longer shelf life – dairy products are part of a varied and modern diet.


Our product range is as versatile as these dairy products. It ranges from classics like cream, milk and butter to trendy products like skyr and protein products.


See for yourself:

Milk / Mixed milk beverages
  • UHT milk
  • Fresh milk
  • Mixed milk drinks
  • Different fat levels
  • Certified raw materials e.g. oGT, UTZ
  • Different pack sizes and formats
  • Also lactose free
  • Yoghurt
  • Greek yoghurt
  • Turkish yoghurt
  • Different fat levels
  • Certified raw materials e.g. oGT, Stichting Weidegang
  • Plain and fruit varieties, also with protein dosage
  • Grammages from 150 g to 500 g and 1 kg
  • Natural curd, Spiced curd, Fruit curd, Skyr
  • Different fat levels and dry masses
  • Mixtures with yoghurt possible
Cottage cheese
  • Reduced salt
Sour cream products
  • Crème fraîche
  • Sour cream
  • ‘Schmand’
  • Different fat levels
  • With different herbal mixtures
  • Certified raw materials e.g. oGT, Stichting Weidegang
Cream and condensed milk
  • UHT-cream
  • Coffee cream
  • Condensed milk
  • Different fat levels
  • Soft packs and portions
Butter / mixed spreads
  • Butter
  • Mixed spread
  • Unsalted and salted
  • In pot and wrapper
  • Various mixed spread fat formulations with rapeseed oil
  • Semolina pudding
  • Rice pudding
  • Custard
  • Protein dosage
  • Various formats: (Pots with 4, 2 and 1 chambers)

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