Only the best for your baby.

No-one needs good and healthy milk more than the very youngest of us do. That’s why millions of parents all over the world put their trust on DMK. As a reliable partner for baby food and dietetic products, we supply quality milk products for babies and infants in around 50 countries.

Our baby brands

Strong brands for a demanding market

From the first baby milk to a wide range of products.

In 1950, Humana launched the first adapted infant formula on the German market. Since then, the brand has been known for its high quality and innovation. Today, in addition to traditional milk and special food for baby and infant diets, Humana also offers cereals, baby food in jars, deserts, teas, juices and supplements for babies and nursing mothers. Our subsidiary Sunval is the leading manufacturer of organic and Demeter supplementary food on the German and international market and our specialist for the private-exclusive-label business for our customers.

Manufactured using state-of-the-art methods and processes.

Our baby food is only produced in Germany according to the highest production standards, whilst focusing above all on gentle manufacturing processes. Regular and seamless hygiene and quality controls as well as official monitoring of the production facilities ensure the necessary safety of our products – from raw goods to the finished end product.

“The difference when compared with other baby food manufacturers? We know where our milk comes from. From our farms.”

Dennis Stoffers, Head of Research & Development, DMK Baby

Also for babies with special dietary requirements.

We have always interacted and consulted with doctors, midwives and scientists to find out more about the needs of babies and infants. That’s why we have also developed numerous products for babies with special nutritional requirements – for complete health care right from the day they are born.

What we do.

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