The true secret of our success

Everything revolves around milk at the DMK Group. As Germany’s largest dairy company, we dedicate our entire energy to producing and processing this valuable raw material. But it’s not just the high-quality ingredients, clever packaging or unique flavour of our products that make us so successful. It’s the people who demonstrate their passion for milk, who help to develop our company day after day.

Our employees

Approximately 6,600 employees are responsible for developing, producing and marketing of our products. Many of them have been working for DMK for many years. Their passion and dedication are evident at the production sites just as much as in the offices and out in the field, making a decisive contribution to the success of the company.

Promoting the personal development of employees is a particular priority for us. DMK offers customised training and coaching opportunities in order to unlock the potential that exists within the company. Here, however, the focus is on cultural transformation: Instead of just focussing on purely technical work, it’s about appreciation, holistic development of the employees and transparent management. In this way, DMK hopes to make a contribution to alleviating the shortage of skilled workers and to give employees the opportunity to use and consolidate their own abilities and talents.


Family and career – more and more people want and have to combine both. DMK tests many models and how they can be applied to different occupational fields in the company. This is exactly the policy that the modern world of work needs in times of globalisation and volatile markets: more individual responsibility, more flexibility, more teamwork – and more knowledge of the real life situations of the employees.

It’s important to the DMK GROUP that employees are able to combine career and family life, because many DMK employees have family duties, whether this means caring for children or eldery and dependent relatives. That’s why we support our employees by working with external partners to find a solution for these cases. The specially qualified counsellors support employees in all questions or problems related to childcare and homecare for the elderly (illness and care dependency).


Our dairy farmers

About 4,700 farmers deliver us the high-quality milk we use to manufacture our products. As one of the largest cooperatively organised dairies in Europe, the company has a cooperative tradition that dates back more than 200 years. Our farmers put a great deal of passion into their work; there’s no such thing as an 8-hour day for them. It’s also important for us to value the tireless dedication of our farmers and to pay them fairly.


During the corona pandemic, employees and farmers have faced some particular challenges, however, despite distancing rules, our team spirit has been stronger than ever over the previous months. This team spirit exists far beyond national borders and helped us to overcome the worries and the lowpoints brought by the crisis. As a cooperative, this sense of “we” is in our blood. The feedback from out employees and from our farmers is proof of this.

Our partners

As a company, we work with many different people – also outside the DMK Group. These include the dairy farmers on the one hand, but also clients and employees, the media, consumer protection organisations and numerous other groups with which we regularly communciate and collaborate. They all support us on a path towards a more sustainable future and provide us with important feedback. By working together, we are able secure the success of the DMK Group. Today and into the future.

Our practices.

Sustainability as a collective task