“We are still finding new trends”

Nicole Peiler has set herself the goal of making a powerful brand even stronger.

Nicole Peiler has set herself the goal of making a powerful brand even stronger. The Marketing Director of Brand Retail spells out what the future holds for MILRAM.


MILRAM has positioned itself afresh, with a new language, new products and a stronger social media presence. Why was it important to do that?


A few years ago, we realized that shoppers are thinking pretty hard about nutrition, so we wanted to make it easier for them to identify with our new products. MILRAM is all about northern German nonchalance, which the beach hut really sums up. We want them to feel a sense of freedom when they enter our brand world – that’s what makes MILRAM appealing and relevant. However, the repositioning also involved discovering trends, for example in terms of nutrition. Some of our shoppers are turning to competitors’ products as MILRAM does not offer anything comparable. We are changing that and have developed non-dairy products that will be launched on the market next year.

Can you give us some more details about what is happening in 2022?


We will continue to spot trends and use them for the MILRAM brand. Our porridge is very successful in catering and the BU Brand Food Service, for example. In the second quarter of 2022, we plan to launch the popular porridge in German supermarkets, in snack size and with a 400-gram version to eat at home. We are also planning a design relaunch that will communicate even more clearly how all of the products are part of the MILRAM family. Our MILRAM packaging reaches more than 220 million consumers every year. If people can get an even clearer sense of our brand, that will pay off in terms of its strength and relevance.


We want everything we do to contribute to a better payment for the farmers.

Nicole Peiler - Marketing Director of Brand Retail

The Osterland brand is currently only known in eastern Germany but it’s gradually becoming available nationwide – what is the thinking behind this?


Osterland is eastern Germany’s best-selling dessert and we have been expanding its availability to consumers for several years. We have also been receiving numerous inquiries and requests for the product from western Germany. So we carried out initial tests with retailers in the north – with resounding success!


What is your goal with the brand?


We are delighted with the success of MILRAM, but we always have a clear goal in mind: we want everything we do to contribute to a better payment for the farmers. After all, without them, MILRAM products would not exist at all.


In 2021, MILRAM …

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  • … mehr Reichweite erzielt, die Strandbude zur Leitidee gemacht
  • .… Nachhaltigkeit gefördert, Blühwiesen ins Leben gerufen
  • .… das Portfolio erweitert bei Käse und Gewürz-Quark.
  • … ein neues Segment eröffnet mit AuflaufLiebe und PizzaLiebe.
  • … Verpackungen verbessert, Beutel mit guter Recyclingfähigkeit entwickelt.
  • … Verbraucher:innen ge-wonnen unter anderem mit India CurryQuark.
  • … öffentliche Präsenz gefördert durch Social Media, Influencer Marketing, PR.
  • … TV Präsenz erweitert mit ButtermilchDrinks und Strandbude.