The Gouda stuff

Uniekaas wins the Golden Award in the category “30+ Medium Old” in the Netherlands.

Uniekaas Belegen 30+ emerged as the big winner in the finals of the Gouda Cheese Awards 2022. The specialty cheese can now call itself the tastiest 30+ cheese in the Netherlands. Belegen 30+ is a low-fat cheese with a reduced fat content of 30 percent, which is ripened for 12 to 16 weeks before it goes on sale. There were two rounds of testing leading up to the award. First, consumers tasted and evaluated the cheese. Then the final decision was made by the mayor of Gouda, Pieter Verhoeve, master chef Rudolph van Veen and food journalist Myra Madeleine. The Golden Award is presented every September in Gouda, a city famed for its cheese. Connoisseurs see the prize as the Oscar of the cheese industry. The Uniekaas cheese is soft and friendly with a hearty taste that was found to be perfectly balanced. That’s what winners taste like.