Under pressure

Germany’s most modern high-pressure facility has just been commissioned at the DMK plant in Erfurt.

“UHT4+” may sound like the name of a combat robot in the Star Wars empire, but it is actually a dream come true for plant manager Jens Klausen. “Our new automatic ultra high temperature (UHT) system consists of more than 100 pipes. It can withstand pressures of up to 100 bar and allows us to produce vegan and other demanding products to a whole new level of quality,” he says. “The machine was tailor-made for the DMK plant in Erfurt, and was built within the space of a year, right on time despite the pandemic,” adds project manager Andreas Allner. The BUs Brand and Private Label are delighted with the new technical possibilities. The facility means it is possible to implement whole new concepts, including a vegan spread that is scheduled to to go on sale in April 2023, for example.