Difference is our DNA!

Pride Month is over, what now?

Pride Month is over, what now? Rainbow flags made headlines during the European Championship. But do they do the same the rest of the year? Tolerance and diversity don't just stop on 1 July.

Everything at DMK revolves around milk, powder, curd, ice cream and cheese, no doubt about that! But on another level, everything revolves around us – we are #TeamDMK.

We’re thousands of people working together, we handle huge machines and finest sensors, we’re young, mature, well-ripened. We’re female, male, other, made up of more than 50 nationalities. We’re to be found in labs, at machines, in vehicles, at office desks, on the road. Even our cows are spotted. 

DMK is a diverse company – and that's a good thing! It is precisely this mix that makes us what we are – we are #TeamDMK. "Fair" is one of our core values and that's exactly how we behave – with respect!

Discrimination and exclusion are not acceptable in any form at our organisation – when we talk about "we" and describe our values, it is more than just an attitude campaign. 

We encounter many points of view every day, that is a priceless gift. Only together are WE strong!


DMK is a diverse company!

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