Into the Future with a Clear Conscience

Uniekaas is focusing on environmental protection with sustainable packaging and a brand new campaign.

Anyone who chooses Uniekaas’ delicious cheese can also take satisfaction in the fact that they are also doing something good for the environment. That’s the central message of the Dutch company’s new sustainability campaign, which draws shoppers’ attention to the more environmentally-friendly packaging of their cheese products. The ad is illustrated with a photo of a little girl who is taking a good bite of a cheese sandwich, and she is already familiar to customers from earlier campaigns. The message says that she can still enjoy Uniekaas products with a clear conscience when she’s grown up. News of the campaign and the thinking behind it has already reached retail partners.

After the full overhaul of Uniekaas’ design in 2019, the traditional brand is now turning its focus to the future. The campaign will be supported by numerous activities all revolving around the topic of sustainability. Plans include promotions in supermarkets, a popular approach in the Netherlands. All this will reassure Uniekaas customers that they are not forgetting the environment when they buy products from the country’s oldest cheese brand.