For China’s Future Stars

Milk is highly valued as an important food product in China. DMK has created an innovative drink especially for children.

DMK launched “Oldenburger Shining Star,” a new product for children, in China this March. It’s made at the Zeven site and is based on whole milk fortified with vitamins D and E, omega-3 fatty acid DHA, and valuable dietary fiber, meeting the needs of Chinese consumers. Some 60 percent of shoppers in China say they eat fortified dairy products, according to market research.


“For us, this is an important step in the Chinese growth market towards a range of value-added products alongside classic UHT milk – which is really popular thanks to the high quality image of German milk,” says Frauke Windolph, Marketing Manager at DMK International. “I am delighted that this project is now reaching the market, following a long period of cross-functional development.” DMK is now launching a broad marketing campaign, presenting the product in a playful way in local social media channels and on e-commerce platforms. The campaign also features an animated film.

The marketing of Oldenburg Shining Star includes a film showing a rocket launching the product into space.