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Tobias Büchner and Nico Pemsel – control centre / Erfurt

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Tobias Büchner and Nico Pemsel stare with concentration at their screens in the control centres at the DMK Erfurt location. This is because, despite corona, neither of them have time for a breather. “We had around 40% increased production owing to the Easter trade” reports Büchner.

In their control centre, he and Nico Pemsel do not notice the effects of the corona pandemic much anyway. The recommended hygiene measures are part of everyday routine for both of them anyway. Pemsel explains: “Our departments are only affected to a small extent. The daily routine is otherwise the same as usual. We always work in shifts so there’s someone manning the centre 24/7. That won’t change in the future either.”

Just like the other colleagues in Erfurt, the two men pay attention to the prescribed minimum distance to other people. Contact to the lorry drivers has, however, become noticeably different. “Before entering the company premises, every driver has to tell the guard if he has been travelling recently in a risk region. When he arrives, then naturally we keep our distance from each other,” explains Nico Pemsel, describing the situation in the loading zone.

Tobias Büchner (front) and Nico Pemsel (rear) – control centre / Erfurt

Pemsel has worked in the control centre for the raw milk admission and processing department since 2012. He’s pleased that his normal working day is regulated as before and that he can go to work normally in the company. At home too, things are more relaxed than for other people: the young man is single. It’s different for Tobias Büchner. He’s employed in the UHT milk department and is bringing up two children together with his wife. Büchner says: “It’s working very well. We needed to adapt our shift plan a little on one occasion but were able to organise this in our department without problems. I am happy that my colleagues and my employer have reacted with understanding and flexibility to the new situation for us as parents.

It’s clear that Nico Pemsel and Tobias Büchner are coping well with the current situation. Naturally, both of them hope that the situation will relax as soon as possible. “Up to now, we haven’t had a single corona case in the Erfurt factory. In Thuringia overall, people have regarded the situation as being well manageable. This is due, above all, to the comparatively low number of cases,” suspects Tobias Büchner. Nico Pemsel nods and adds: “Nevertheless I would be happy if I could visit my parents in Brandenburg soon.”

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