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Alberta Bruno – Sales Department - National Account Manager – Italy

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"Who could have imagined that a virus would change our lives so dramatically from one moment to the next?" asks Alberta Bruno, National Account Manager at Humana.

After the first emotional evaluation of the situation, the Italian quickly switches back to work mode. In four steps she has managed to turn her home into an efficient workplace:

1. A workplace to inspire

Right away I looked for a place in the house that I would use strictly for work. To be able to get into the correct mood for working right away, I brought some things from my office desk at Humana and set them up at home.

2. Plan the day and develop new routines

Every morning I set myself goals for the day that I want to achieve. Then I plan all the tasks I need to do to achieve them. Completed to-do's are marked in colour so that I know what I can cross off. That gives me a great feeling.

3. Digitalisation is your friend. Make the most of it.

E-mails aren’t good at getting across the depth of content and the context of communication from real meetings. That’s why we’re currently using other communication methods such as video conferencing. This helps us to ensure that we understand all of the tasks correctly, and we can also ask questions. It’s also reassuring to have your colleagues with you via video.

4. Stronger in the team: Stay in touch

Staying in touch with my team and colleagues from other departments means a lot to me. Although digital communication cannot replace face-to-face interaction, video calls and chats are great for solving work problems and staying in touch with what’s going on in the world.

Alberta Bruno sums it up: "I am well aware how lucky I am to be able to work productively from home. So many people out there are risking their health for us right now. My special thanks go to the wonderful people in the healthcare sector and to the many other people in professions that are key to keeping the whole system working."

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