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Suddenly, in the space of just a few weeks, a virus has cast a shadow over our lives and work: The coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has transformed daily life in Germany and beyond. Restrictions on our movement are in place to try and prevent the virus from spreading further, so that our health systems aren't stretched to their limits.

Children can't go to school anymore, or go to nursery or play in playgrounds and people are changing their homes into offices, to avoid large numbers of people becoming infected at once. Restaurants are shut, the borders closed, while concerts, football games trade fairs and other major events have been postponed indefinitely. Nowadays, it is all about social distancing.  

We at the DMK Group are preparing our employees, farmers and processing plants for every possible scenario. We set up a dedicated working group at the start of the crisis to coordinate all the measures that are needed. 

Now, each and every one of us is asked to adapt our behaviour so that together, we can limit the dangers of this pandemic. Cooperative thinking is called for: what one person cannot manage alone, we will manage together. WE, the collective.

Of course, there are other issues apart from the coronavirus. Our farmers are out on the roads, showing their passion for what they do for us, day in day out. They are also frustrated that people don't seem to understand what they go through and why their efforts are not reflected in the way food is priced here in Germany. Again, WE are thinking together: our milk is important and valuable!

That's why we are dedicating the upcoming issue of our magazine to this value, even in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. We are currently working on the next edition of Milchwelt and it will be published in early April. Look forward to it – and stay healthy, that's the main thing!

Best regards,
Oliver Bartelt

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