What we are doing.

DMK’s employees and farmers are doing a massive amount to move the company forwards. In the following pages, they show us what they are focusing on in their areas of work and on their farms – and tell us why their activities are making such a difference.

It is summer 2021, and our company is still going through rapid upheaval. There are enormous challenges facing DMK and every single one of its employees and farmers. But the pandemic has also accelerated many of the changes we started working on three years ago with Strategy 2030. The fact that our work is now much more mobile, that we are growing together professionally and personally, that we increasingly see ourselves as a team, and that we find solutions with colleagues from other departments, often in other countries – all this is becoming more and more part of our everyday life. DMK benefits from all this – and so does each and every employee. In the last issue, we focused on people, with employees and farmers describing what motivates them. Now, we are turning our attention to what they are working on and how that is going. We introduce the minds and methods behind GBS and programs like TIGER and others. We also take a look behind the scenes at how technology is helping a dairy farm. And we show how young people are embracing the traditions of dairy farming too.