More than 200 years of tradition joined together under a single roof

Humana, Alete and Milasan stand for quality, trust and healthy eating. DMK is turning the traditional brands into a powerful trio

The Humana, Alete and Milasan brands, now united under DMK, have been taking the best possible care of babies’ and toddlers’ health for decades. Alete has been dedicated to youngsters’ well being for more than 85 years, Humana for the past 65 years and Milasan for more than 50 years. Bundled together, that’s more than 200 years of knowledge and experience trusted by parents, paediatricians and midwives worldwide. In the highly competitive baby and infant nutrition segment, that trust is invaluable.

Recognizing needs

The DMK strategy – to significantly expand the baby food business by 2030 – seems like the logical next step. “Strong brands with a clear and distinct message offering added value for parents: That’s our goal, along with being online where the young parents are,” says Iris Behrens, Head of Global Marketing DMK Baby. That requires a clear brand architecture, to best present the range and exploit DMK’s market advantage: There’s Humana with a focus on baby formula and food supplements, while Alete offers supplementary food and snacks for young children up to kindergarten age. In the future, the brands will accompany children from birth until the age of three and far beyond. For DMK, this range of brands provides an enormous competitive advantage. A poll was carried out of 6,500 mothers, around 700 doctors and midwives in seven countries around the world, and used as the basis for repositioning Humana, a well-known international brand. The poll showed a highly emotional view of Humana. The logo and the claim “Humana – for mommy and me” underlines the needs of babies and mothers, providing relief and trust. The new brand message is “Humana – exactly what we need!”

Taking new paths

“Our focus is clearly on digital natives – the new mothers and fathers of generation Z,” says Iris Behrens. Those born after 1995 are seen as educated, informed, focused on the digital world and drawn to credible, unique brands. Humana continues to build trust, through messaging components such as “trust your inner feelings,” “we stand by you“ and “allow space for natural growth”. The new path also reflects the introduction of the new innovative product line „Humana ProBalanceTM“ with HMO for formula and follow-on milk. For babies, there is nothing better than breast milk but sometimes, breast feeding is impossible, for a range of reasons. The new generation of Humana formula is enriched with human milk oligosaccharides (HMO). Alongside lactose and fat, HMOs are one of the major components of breast milk and have been shown to be highly important for babies’ health. This milk innovation will be accompanied by a 360° communication campaign online, where the target group can be found. The campaign’s message is “Humana – exactly what we need.” The new Humana baby milk in our safe and practical myHumanaPack. Everything for a good start and #confidentmoms . The new Humana baby milk is available in safe and practical packaging, myHumanaPack. All that’s needed for a good start and #confidentmoms. The launch will be accompanied by a new advertising presence, with a fresh design for the Humana website. It now has large pictures and lots of white space, standing for purity, quality, fun and transparency. Users are not seen as passive but are encouraged to interact through a broad social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram that calls on young mothers to share their experiences with others in user-generated content – authentic, transparent and close to mothers and fathers. #confidentmoms

“We are consciously pursuing the trend towards healthy eating”

Placing trust in the brand

Alete also has big plans. In September, a relaunch is planned under the motto “Alete, aware,” showing Alete has arrived and is now part of the DMK family. More than 60 articles and seven new products are to hit store shelves, fresh following a redesign and with optimized recipes. “We are meeting parents’ desire to give their children healthy food,” says Christoph Esch, General Manager, Humana Sales. Decades of knowledge about nutrition and a high degree of credibility support this approach. This is partly why the focus is now on ingredients. Almost 80 % of the products have no added sugar or a lower sugar content, and the aim is to further reduce sugar in evening food, dry- and milk porridge and cookies. “All Alete jar products are organic quality and there is no palm oil in the portfolio.”

Stay agile

Alete is making healthy nutrition into child’s play – a fact underlined on packaging layouts too. Information about ingredients is structured clearly and tips on healthy eating are provided. “Alete aware” is becoming a modern brand for child nutrition that helps shape children’s tastes for healthy, low-sugar food. It makes absolute sense for Alete to round off the Humana range.