From 2 make 1

A strong team gets a new name: DOC Dairy Partners and Uniekaas become Uniekaas Holland. This has more than just a symbolic character.

May 1 marked the start: DOC Dairy Partners B.V. and Uniekaas were merged to form Uniekaas Holland. “The merger is part of the Maxima project that’s integrating the Dutch company into the DMK Group,” says Ron Krekels, Managing Director at Uniekaas. “The aim is to simplify the corporate structure, achieve synergies and save costs.” It is already succeeding on several levels, as the merger means that many processes no longer have to be carried out for each company individually, but only need to be done once. The back story: Uniekaas Holland and DOC Dairy Partners merged at the end of 2017. All of the ripening, packaging and production activities at the Kaatsheuvel site were merged into DOC.

DDP plus Uniekaas equals Uniekaas Holland.

The thinking behind this was that the merger would make it much easier to expand into European growth markets. Furthermore, with a complete production chain, the company would also be more competitive. “We have been working hard since then to further professionalize our products and services in the Private Label area and for our Uniekaas brand,” says Krekels, referring to the new name. “We also want to be more transparent with the market, as so far, we’ve had people working for both DDP and Uniekaas, representing both companies.” Now, with a common denominator, the relationship between the companies is much clearer, preventing any confusion. The naming of the company was just the last, logical step along the route towards a good long marriage.