How myMilk became part of our daily work

Already, 4,650 farmers have registered on the new digital platform

The challenge facing the cross-divisional project team in spring 2019 was to create a new home for the agricultural division’s digital services, and at the same time play a major part in digitizing DMK. Not a year later, in late January, the myMilk digital platform went online, offering all the services our members and suppliers need. MyMilk has replaced Webmelker, which was a useful service for farmers for a long time before it became outdated. The new platform is clearer, more modern and easier to use. A further challenge the team faced was to support the majority of farmers as they registered for myMilk and in planning milk volumes online as part of the newly-designed Milkmaster program – and all that in a short space of time. An eight-member team from the agricultural division took on the job. They were on hand to advise and support farmers as they explored the new platform.

When myMilk was launched on 28 January, the team set up a dedicated helpline and ran it in shifts, and also set up a special email address to answer everyone’s many questions - all in addition to their everyday work. Initially, most questions concerned the registration process but then, in February, the focus shifted to milk volume planning. The team also helped users to handle the transition away from Webmelker by personally presenting myMilk’s possibilities and features to farmers. Some 4,650 farmers are now registered on myMilk, a good time to review the launch phase.  

How myMilk became part of our daily work...

For the myMilk team, it has been an exciting and intense time, with plenty of positive moments but also some challenges too. Norman Heinsohn - Junior Project Manager Agriculture - Sustainability - liked the fact that feedback came immediately, saying, “On the helpline, I was able to help many farmers directly with their questions, and they really appreciated my support. Sometimes I had to explain that there was no alternative to replacing Webmelker and many farmers first had to get used to the new platform. We ultimately received a lot of positive feedback about myMilk and about the support we provided during the start-up phase.” Gradually, new services will be added to myMilk to further support farmers in their day-to-day work. A pasture diary has just gone online as part of the Milkmaster program, for example. And now, as concern turns to the coronavirus, there is also material about the epidemic on the platform, as myMilk is the new digital heart of the agriculture division.

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