Chilling, North German Style

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Take a short break with MILRAM´s Friesen Drink

Your schedule is booked out, your smart phone is buzzing and your to-do list just keeps growing... Ahh! For moments like these, MILRAM has a few good tips. The Friesian mantras suggest taking time out and letting the stress sail on by, just as the coastal folks do in northern Germany. With MILRAM’s new “FRIESEN Drink Golden Passion Fruit”, the world suddenly looks a little easier. The fruity, creamy milk drink tastes of passion fruit and turmeric and is low fat, lactose- and gluten free and doesn’t contain any preservatives, colour or sweeteners. That also goes for the “FRIESEN Drink Heavenly Blueberry” which contains a touch of feel-good hibiscus. Let those storms pass you by.

Find out more about the Friesian mantras at milram.de/friesendrink


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