DMK: Mouth-watering variety and responsible enjoyment

Our best creations from milk and plant-based raw ingredients.

We’re more than just a dairy company. We are milk specialists. Trend analysts. New product developers. And flavour experts. Our high-quality, sustainable products find their way to people by a variety of routes – whether end consumers or business customers, young or old, in Germany or all over the world. With our decades of experience, we can set standards in the production of sustainable dairy products. In doing so, we consider sustainability aspects in every area – from farm to factory to food waste avoidance. Our product range is wide and diverse.


A wide range of sustainably produced products

Milk is a staple food and plays a central role in our diet. Dairy products provide important nutrients such as calcium, proteins, vitamins and…

Consumer products

Delectable variety for every taste: discover our high-quality products and famous brands.

Depending on the sales region, you can look forward to these brands in the supermarket and in the chilled cabinet.

We have a wide range of products for you

We have a broad product range for you – it ranges from classics such as cheese, herb quark and fruit buttermilk, desserts, cream and ice cream through to vegan products and baby food.

DMK Group with further licence partners in the ice cream business

Bremen, 30 January 2023.

DMK Group is starting the new ice cream season with three new licensing partnerships and a new in-house development. The…

DMK Group launches vegan spreads under MILRAM

Bremen, 14 March 2023.

DMK Group is further expanding its vegan portfolio as part of its Strategy 2030 and will be launching vegan spreads under its…

B2B Service

Our diverse range includes contract manufacturing, high-quality ingredients and first-class service for the hotel, restaurant and catering industry.

With our long years of experience and wide-ranging competence, we operate in many areas of the dairy industry and work closely with wholesalers, specialists and retailers, the hotel, restaurant and catering sector, the food manufacturing industry and brand manufacturers. Our strength here lies in the development of flexible product solutions for our business partners, with a guarantee that the desired volume will be available.
Contract manufacturing

We supply customised and innovative product and packaging solutions for a wide range of foods, from milk powder through to specialist formulae. With our 360° service from the product idea to the packaging, we respond to our customers’ needs and wants in a targeted way and find the right solutions – customised, process-optimised and with the optimum functionality. For example, in processing DMK milk or selecting added ingredients, including non-lactic ones. 

Ingredients for the food industry

Our high-quality range of products forms the basis of first-class foods. From grated mozzarella for the perfect pizza to whey derivatives for sports nutrition and vegan alternatives for ready-to-eat products through to caramel for mouth-watering chocolate bars, we deliver the ingredients that make products unique.

Private label business

Our private label business is a central component of our offering. As a partner for private labels in Germany and selected European markets, we offer a comprehensive range of consumer products - including quark, cheese, ice cream, baby food, butter and much more. With our decades of experience and a great deal of passion, we support our partners in the development and realisation of product concepts for their private label range - tailored to their individual requirements.

Hotel, restaurant and catering trade

In the hotel, restaurant and catering sector we offer solutions for Germany and the Netherlands with MILRAM Food-Service and for international clients with Oldenburger Professional.