Reliable partner of the food retail trade
We are proud to be one of the leading suppliers in the German food retail sector. Together with our retail partners, we develop innovative products and thus contribute to the further development of their own brands. We know the needs of retailers, customers and consumers. That is why we can reliably supply the desired quality and quantity.

Our range offers everything your heart desires: butter, cream, quark, various cheeses, desserts, fruity quark and practical products for the hot kitchen such as grated cheese. But our portfolio also includes baby food and ice cream. In this way, we reliably ensure that millions of people are supplied with the best food and their favourite products every day - and every day anew.

Keeping an eye on trends

Consumers today are looking for new impulses and variety, and not just in terms of the flavour and consistency of products. We are constantly working on adapting our products to these needs so that our partners and customers always get the best out of milk - just as they like it.
We also provide our partners with up-to-date and relevant information. We carry out regular market, shopper and consumer studies. This allows us to keep an eye on trends.

Climate and resource protection as a joint task

Sustainability plays a central role in the production of our dairy products. For example, we have set ourselves the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions along our production chain. Our farmers play an important role here. The average CO2 emissions of all farms were 1.09 kg CO2e per kg of milk - a low footprint for the industry. 
Conserving resources is another goal. Among other things, we are working intensively on making the packaging of our cheese products sustainable and at the same time guaranteeing our high standards of product safety and quality.
We will continue to make our contribution to a better future and look forward to working on this together with our partners and customers.