Dairy products with value added – sustainability at DMK

Climate protection is firmly embedded in our DMK 2030 Sustainability Strategy

We know we have to handle the Earth’s valuable resources carefully so that we can feed ten billion people sustainably in the long term. Cows can help. That’s why our mission is: sustainability from the meadow to the glass of milk. DMK champions embodied ecological responsibility, as embedded in our Vision 2030. Our sustainability strategy embraces climate protection, animal welfare and biodiversity. And it is always mindful of our dairy farmers, for whom the best possible milk price is generated. And whom we reward for responsible milk production with our Milkmaster Programme. The approach is well received: EcoVadis, the internationally recognised platform for evaluating sustainability in global supply chains, has awarded us its “Gold” quality label several times. And Unilever honours us on a regular basis as a “Sustainable Supplier”.

Climate and resource protection

Sustainability at DMK: for a better future.

For us, commitment to protecting the climate and resources lies at the heart of our corporate philosophy. Because the climate problem is one of the most pressing challenges of our time. In this context, we consider effective climate and resource protection not to be just our duty as a business but also as an opportunity for innovation. We commit through research and development to implementing new technologies that are not only ecologically but also entrepreneurially sustainable. We pursue a comprehensive strategy overall so as to make our business processes harmonise with the principles of climate and resource protection. The goal is a sustainable corporate development that includes not only economic success, but also environmental protection and social responsibility. For this reason, we are also members of important international initiatives: In December 2021, we joined the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi). This organisation examines and validates climate goals industry-wide in line with the UN Paris Agreement’s climate goals. Since the end of 2022, we have been a member of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI). SAI is an international collaborative network aimed at driving forward the sustainable transformation of the agricultural sector along all the stages in the value chain.

Saving intelligently with waste heat

At its Edewecht site, DMK has implemented an ingenious waste heat recovery system that is to be extended to other locations.

Together? Tuurlijk!

Supermarket chain Jumbo and Uniekaas Holland are teaming up with cooperative DOC Kaas to promote the all-important issue of sustainability.

On a mission to cut emissions

Several farmers are trying out ways to slash the carbon footprint on their farms as part of the Net Zero Farming project. Jörg Stottmeister shares…

These are sea changes

Environmental analyst Franz-Theo Gottwald is supporting these activities and shared some insights about the dairy farms with us.



Green future: why biodiversity is so important.

Biodiversity is unique and irreplaceable. At DMK, we work actively to maintain and promote the biological diversity of ecosystems. We have placed the protection of biodiversity in our strategic focus for that purpose. With the Milkmaster Production Code, we have been giving our farmers clear recommendations on promoting biodiversity since 2015, for example by using grassland, regional feed and pasture grazing. We are aware that the farms have independent responsibility for the use of specific biodiversity measures. Pasture grazing, for example, is not feasible for every farm. It depends on the farm’s circumstances whether it is in a position to encourage diversity of species in meadows and pastures, practise nature conservation along rivers, streams and ditches, protect grassland birds and farmland birds or protect insects.

Support at exactly the right spots

Farmer Stottmeister was already working to protect the climate before he joined Net Zero Farming. Now he is finding measures to become even more…

Promoting biodiversity, shaping the future: DMK champions sustainable milk production

You can rely on this with Deutsches Milchkontor eG

We are facing up to current challenges and strengthening our supplier relationships.

Animal welfare

Supporting animal husbandry with heart and mind.

The focus of our farmers’ attention right now is, above all else, the cows’ health and fitness. The cows are the foundations of a farm. Promoting animal welfare and comfort in the cowsheds or in the meadow therefore comes first and foremost. Because the cows’ health is the foundation of responsible milk production, and is a very important concern for us. It influences the quality and safety of the milk and therefore of food. DMK pursues a comprehensive approach to animal welfare, animal health, the environment and climate protection, economics and social issues.

The changing world of agriculture: the DMK Group is driving the trend towards GMO-free milk production

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Contented cows – DMK champions good animal welfare

DMK’s sustainable recipe: less CO2 emissions, more enjoyment

Making farming more fun

The De Tienmorgen dairy farm might look like any other, at first glance. But it is also a recreational site and a therapy center, giving it an appeal…

In Eco-Mode

DMK is seeking ways to help slash emissions on farms in the Net Zero Farming initiative. One farmer who is testing the measures and project manager…