Milk is our greatest passion
Leading-edge technology and the highest quality standards combined with our employees’ experience and competence.

Top-level milk processing: our passion, your success.

Leading-edge technology and the highest quality standards combined with our employees’ experience and competence. These features have always distinguished DMK and created the foundations for a dependable and successful partnership, in Germany and internationally. We have secured market leadership with our expertise and decades of experience in milk processing, including in the area of contract manufacturing. At our 20-plus sites in Germany and Europe, we work with state-of-the-art technology that satisfies even the highest standards. This is also demonstrated by the many certifications held by the factories, for example in the area of sustainability. This makes us a strong partner for our business customers.

Partners love our 360° service.

Marke und Produkte unserer Partner sind bei uns in den besten Händen. Und gemeinsam mit ihnen entwickeln wir Erfolgsprodukte.


With a targeted response to our partners’ needs and wants, and by finding the right solutions. For example in processing DMK milk, or selecting added and non-lactic raw ingredients. Entirely individual and tailored product and packaging solutions are achieved by this approach. We build on our excellent knowledge from research and development and the expertise we have amassed in the Research and Development Center of Expertise. In addition, we not only have successful cooperative arrangements with universities, but also run two modern Milk Innovation Centers of our own. We can conduct selected and forward-looking pilot experiments in these Centers, even in small experimental quantities. The result? Trend-setting product innovations.

At the same time, we also move large volumes onward – 8000 pallets a day with our efficient, high-performance logistics. 

United for your success.

We listen to our partners and take the time to develop optimum solutions jointly. 

In addition to customised, process-optimised and functional solutions, our partners can look forward to a trust-based, long-term and strategic working relationship with us – with a clear focus on quality and reliability.

Our competence and our in-depth understanding of our partners’ needs and wants ensure optimum results and great success. 

Our full-line service.
Portion packs

Aluminium, plastic, coffee cream, condensed milk, non-dairy

Soft packs

Milk-based drinks, non-dairy drinks, UHT, fresh

Cup formats

Blancmange, yoghurt, UHT, fresh

Sliced cheese

Naturally ripened (VLOG and Dutch Meadow Milk), film-ripened (VLOG), pack-aged, various, high-volume varieties, different pack sizes

Grated cheese

Single and mixed varieties (up to four varieties in the mix), from mild to strong, excellent browning properties, various gramme weights
Portions/wedges: Gouda, young and mature, naturally ripened, Ohne Gentechnik (no genetic modification)

Rectangular pieces

Ohne Gentechnik (no genetic modification), naturally ripened, selected varieties
Milk/milkshakes: UHT milk, fresh milk, milkshakes, range of levels of fat, certified raw materials e.g. oGT, UTZ, various pack sizes and formats, also lactose-free


Yoghurt, Greek yoghurt, Turkish yoghurt, various fat levels, certified raw materials e.g. oGT, Stichting Weidegang, plain and fruit varieties, also with protein dosage, gramme weights of 150g to 500g and 1kg


Natural quark, savoury quark, skyr, range of fat levels and dry masses, mixtures with yoghurt available

Cottage cheese

Reduced salt

Cream and condensed milk

Whipping cream, UHT cream, condensed milk/coffee cream, range of fat levels, soft packagings and portions

Butter/blended spread

Butter, blended spread, unsalted and salted, in cups and wrapping, range of blended spread recipes with rapeseed oil


Semolina pudding, rice pudding, blancmange, protein dosage, various formats (4-, 2-, 1-portion cups)