Born to be wild
MILRAM’s new spring quark is hitting the shelves in May. It will bring a whole new world of spring vibes to tables nationwide.

MILRAM’s newest quark creation combines six new wild herbs with a few that will be familiar to fans of its original spring quark: chives, horseradish, onions and parsley. Now, they are combined with aromatic wild garlic, spicy rocket, tangy dandelion, mild nettle, sweet and spicy lovage and yellow marigold blossoms. The colorful mix of herbs lends the product a delicately spicy taste that clearly distinguishes it from other spring quark varieties.

Spring was never this spicy

The new recipe is perfect for a spontaneous picnic with friends, a refreshing and relaxing lunch or a barbecue with family and neighbors. Whether as a side dish with grilled melon straight off the grill or topped with feta and fresh mint: the creamy curd cheese quark perfectly accompanies whatever you’re cooking up as a delicately spicy dip. Or why not try it on a bagel with sun-dried tomatoes, roasted chickpeas and crisp, fresh salad. If you’d like an extra burst of freshness in a quick lunch with family or colleagues, just add a dollop of spring quark with wild herbs into wild garlic soup, for an easy and enjoyable meal. There are even more delicious spring recipes to be found along with a world of quark flavors at the MILRAM beach hut at