We love ice cream
DMK has stood for ice cream excellence for more than 60 years.

From strong brands to customised creations – discover the world of delectable ice cream with DMK.

DMK has stood for ice cream excellence for more than 60 years. It’s appreciated by ice cream lovers all over the world, because DMK Ice Cream distributes its products on a global scale. And successfully – it’s among the top 5 in the industry in Europe. With expertise, sensitivity to trends and the latest technology, we are a reliable partner for creative ideas on ice cream and tempting melting moments. Our ice cream brands MILRAM and Sanobub are the proof.

Maßgeschneiderte Eisproduktion.

Customised ice cream production.

DMK Ice Cream supplies more than just ice cream itself – we offer infinite possibilities. From recipes to ideas to various shapes and pack sizes – we bring the individual ice cream flavour experience to life. Our own DMK private labels are also created at our site in Everswinkel, for example MILRAM Franzbrötchen ice cream, inspired by a sweet pastry containing butter and cinnamon.

Focus on innovation and quality.

We develop exciting product innovations with experience and passion. However, consumer safety and the quality of our products are also issues close to our hearts. We therefore constantly monitor raw materials, ingredients and processes. Sustainable raw materials (e.g. UTZ, Bio and RSPO) are the accepted norm at DMK, and we continuously invest in plant modernisation. But that isn’t all – we put our faith in research and the development of new products and processes, and also develop our employees intensively. This is part of our corporate strategy, to enable us to design future hit products together with our customers.

Creativity in every portion

Our experts in marketing, sales, product development, production and quality management work hand in hand at our sites. The focus is always on current trends and our customers’ needs. We not only develop new ice cream creations, but also fast-selling concepts, to ensure that our customers’ needs are individually met.