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Our range of vegan products
As Germany’s largest dairy cooperative, we know what plant-based alternatives to dairy products have to taste like.
From savoury to sweet: no ingredients of animal origin, no compromises, full flavour.

As Germany’s largest dairy cooperative, we know what plant-based alternatives to dairy products have to taste like. We can draw on our decades of accumulated expertise from the baby food and industry customer business to achieve the right results. DMK’s portfolio is therefore the richer by a number of products, without competing with the dairy assortment. 

They are a genuine and valuable alternative to the products that customers love and appreciate, but which they cannot or no longer want to consume for individual reasons. 

MILRAM 100% plant-based spreads – on sandwiches or for dips or cooking. 

Our spreads in the three delicious varieties FrühlingsStreich, PaprikaStreich and NaturStreich put a generous helping of variety on your plate. And with no artificial flavourings or preservatives. Instead, you have pea protein and coconut oil. Perfect for sandwiches, veggie barbecues or a crunchy vegetable platter. The spreads provide a perfect vegan complement to Germany’s popular FrühlingsQuark. Paired with it, they have the unmistakable creamy-fresh, delicious MILRAM flavour. The recipes are based on the idea of making delicious, plant-based products to complement the popular classics, coupled with short, clear lists of ingredients. 

Cheese for every taste 

 “Velander” is our vegan alternative to cheese. With it, we set new standards in the market in this category: Velander doesn't just taste good, it also impresses in food manufacturing with the browning and melting characteristics of classic cheese. The vegan alternative to cheese is available to industry customers as a first step.

Velander offers customers and consumers significant advantages, particularly due to different formulae for use in hot processes. The range is completed by the popular alternative to MILRAM gouda, vegan shavings, and the vegan alternative to cheese for burgers, sandwiches etc. - MILRAM Heisse Scheiben. Restaurants, canteens or university restaurants can continue to finish their dishes quickly and easily. Developed specially for hot use, the melting characteristics promise a 100 percent flavour and quality experience. 

For end consumers, MILRAM offers vegan alternatives to grated cheese in the varieties “Pizza-Zeit” for pizzas and “Auflauf-Zeit” for baked dishes (LINK) 

Our vegan alternatives to cheese are produced at DMK’s biggest cheese factory, in Edewecht, Lower Saxony. At a site where more than 3 million litres of milk are made into cheese every day, the company has created a separate, additional production area. The alternatives to cheese have been developed by DMK experts on the basis of their decades of expertise in cheese. 

Creamy all-rounder

The MILRAM alternative to Schmand (a fresh, mild sour cream) in the 1 kilo soft pack for food service and the 200g tub for end consumers is a versatile product for cold and hot applications. Because it is heat-stable, acid-stable and bake-stable, it is also suitable for tarte flambée and other baked goods as well as for sauces and dips.  

A new product offered by MILRAM Food Service is VeJog, an alternative to yoghurt, in handy 5-kilo buckets for the food service sector. Based on vegetable oil and broad bean protein, MILRAM VeJog, with its fresh, sour taste and creamy texture, is ideal for dips, dressings and muesli.

Chocolatey classics 

Delectable plant-based desserts are also available. The best proof of that is our vegan chocolate dessert in handy 5-kilo buckets for food service. Our plant-based blancmange has gluten-free oats as its basic ingredient and owes its natural flavour to selected and UTZ-certified cocoa. Fruit or crumble are an ideal finishing touch. 

MILRAM offers plant-based variety for all cocoa-lovers with the oat-based MILRAM cocoa drink.