Kim Hilljegerdes, Specialist Warehouse
With around 7,500 employees, the DMK Group is Germany's largest dairy cooperative. But what actually happens when families meet here in everyday working life? That was the case with Kim Hilljegerdes. She even completed her apprenticeship with her father.

Hello. What is your name, how old are you and what is your function at DMK?

My name is Kim Hilljegerdes, I am 27 years old and currently work as a Teamleader Warehouse.

After graduating from high school, you completed an apprenticeship as a medical assistant. How did you come to DMK?

Even during my training as a medical assistant, I realized that it wasn't a 100% fit. I wanted to take on more responsibility in my professional life and therefore made the decision to reorient myself after completing my training by doing some internships. During my internship at the DMK Group, I really liked the work in logistics, so I started my training as a warehouse specialist in 2016 in a rather unusual constellation. Because my father was responsible for me as a trainer. I then completed it two years ago with distinction.

Wasn't it strange for you that your father trained you?

My father has been with DMK since 1992, so the fact that I am doing my training under him, of all people, was a little strange at first. But we can separate our private and professional lives very well, so that wasn't a problem.

Did he also get to know new sides of you as a trainer?

He was surprised at how hardworking I can be, something he didn't always know from home.

After your training, you took up a position as a logistics clerk. What are your tasks?

My tasks as a "Warehouse Specialist" include day-to-day business, preparing delivery documents, route processing and inventory management in SAP. I am also the contact person for truck drivers, empties processing and returns processing. And I'm also still an interface for internal departments like the lab, packaging or packing, and for external shipping companies.

You've also taken further training. Why don't you tell us a little more about that?

In 2020, I completed a full-time training course. It lasted 14 days and the DMK Group covered the costs for me. I also had the opportunity to take educational leave for this, so I was able to concentrate fully on it. With this milestone, I caught up with my father, so to speak.

In addition, I also attended a master craftsman course for seven months and obtained my master craftsman's diploma in July 2022. In the same year, I also successfully completed further training as an occupational safety specialist.

What do you wish for your profession and DMK?

For the future at DMK, I would like to see more training in logistics and to learn more about this area outside of the plants. Many people often think that you only push the pallets back and forth - but most of them are not even aware of what is behind it all.