Janes Fast, Trainee industrial clerk, prospective European clerk
"I think the big picture is incredible, like how so many areas work together. Everyone has their job here and everyone is responsible for making it run."

Hello, what's your name, how old are you and what is your function at DMK?

I'm Janes Fast, 22 years old and a trainee industrial clerk and prospective European clerk.

Why do you work at DMK?

I was always aware that I wanted to work for a large company and then, while looking for an employer, I came across the DMK Group through the plant in Zeven, which is close to where I live (Schee├čel). Even in the application process, DMK was different from conventional application methods, which gave me a good feeling even before I started my training. I find the big picture unbelievable, such as the functioning meshing of so many areas, which is again subdivided into so many important smaller areas. Everyone has their job here and everyone is responsible for making things run.  

What are you working on specifically?

Most recently, I worked on a project for the Milram brand that involved creating the packaging design for a new product.  Among other things, this involved the appearance, the arrangement of elements and the implementation of this in collaboration with external agencies. But my journey is over there now and will continue in the sales field service - here, for example, I will be able to support the "Internorga" trade fair for 6 days and also accompany the sales people to their customers.

Why do you think DMK is competent, credible and forward-looking?

There are many factors from all kinds of perspectives that testify to credibility, competence and forward-lookingness. From my perspective, it is of course the investment in the trainees. After all, we are the employees of tomorrow. In my case, it's the investment in the advanced training in European business. Of course, there are other examples as well. Not only are we working towards the future with DMK 2030, but we are also keeping an eye on current market changes - by which I mean our plant-based alternatives.

What keeps surprising you at DMK?

I call it the "continuous improvement process." When you come into a company of this size, you think all the processes are already running at the highest level - which is the case. But processes are always found that can be optimized. At DMK, it is nice that this is noticed and that an improvement is worked out collectively.

How can you tell that DMK is innovative?

DMK is innovative on various levels. I have already been involved in various areas with products that are plant-based alternatives to dairy products. Innovative, in my opinion. Currently I am in the area of the brand, which is used as a test run for innovative and modern work. This is being done to test the Clean-Desk system for the new DMK administration. Workstations are booked in advance and everything that is brought in is taken out again. There are also workstations to be booked that have a bicycle or treadmill in front of the desk. I find movement at work simply ingenious, especially when the appointments via teams go on a little longer. Modern work for the modern employee.

Why would you recommend DMK as an employer?

Of course, because of the good conditions, flexitime (good work-life balance), punctual salary payment, etc..But I think the people who work at DMK are much more important. It is a really nice working atmosphere. The colleagues are nice, friendly and in a good mood. You can literally feel the satisfaction of the employees and I think that is really important for a good employer and also a good workplace. I really enjoy going to work in the morning. 

Briefly describe your career and how you came to DMK.

  •  Became aware of the DMK Group through the Zeven plant
  • Successfully completed application process 
  • Completed high school with a focus on business 
  • Started training as an industrial clerk in August 2021 and in February 2022 the start of the additional qualification as a European clerk
  • Since August 2021, going through a wide variety of areas in the DMK Group. From sales, purchasing, marketing and accounting to DMK-related areas such as agriculture, milk collection and warehousing/production in Zeven, I have already been through them all. 
  • Three more stations await me on my way until I start my technical thesis and then complete my training. These are sales field service, supply chain management and human resources. 
  • October 2022 Internship abroad for three weeks in Hoogeveen (DOC and Uniekaas) Netherlands.

What are your future plans?

I'm working my way toward the future step by step. The first goal is, of course, the best possible completion of my training as an industrial clerk and, at the same time, as a European clerk.
After that, I would like to continue working at DMK if possible and advance my career here. The basis for this, however, is for me to be able to continue my education. That means working part-time to acquire the status of a business administrator via the Wirtschaftsfachwirt. I cannot name an exact area, but I am sure that I will find my way here at DMK.

What made you decide to take the additional qualification as a European business administrator? What did you do there?

I saw it as a really good opportunity to continue my education during my apprenticeship. I believe that the way DMK is developing, I also have to do this in order to be able to move the company in the right direction, not only now, but also in the future. The lessons deal with the topic "International Business Processes", which is made up of two learning fields. I have already completed one of them and the second continues in August 2023. Along the way, I also took the ICDL driver's license (computer driver's license). There you have to pass exams for the use of MS Office programs. Lastly, I was in my mandatory internship abroad. For synergy reasons, I chose the Netherlands, where I worked for DOC Kaas for three weeks.

What opportunities does the additional qualification give you?

It's hard to say. I think the education and the experience are the opportunities you get. On the one hand, it prepares you for international business processes, which can be an advantage in an internationally active company like the DMK Group. On the other hand, you naturally want to present yourself as a qualified employee.

Is DMK a traditional company for you?

I think DMK is a company that changes again and again and again. But if you look closely, you notice that everything that happens here is done with the farmers in mind. So you notice that DMK is still the same at its core as it was in the beginning, namely a traditional company.

In what way do tradition and innovation go hand in hand in your field of work?

Let's take the example of plant-based alternatives again. Breaking new ground does not mean that we no longer need farmers and their cows. Whey products will continue to be the main business and that sales of non-dairy products will ultimately benefit farmers.