DMK Group launches vegan spreads under MILRAM
Bremen, 14 March 2023. DMK Group is further expanding its vegan portfolio as part of its Strategy 2030 and will be launching vegan spreads under its MILRAM brand in the varieties "NaturStreich", "FrühlingsStreich" and "PaprikaStreich" from April 2023. Following the successful launch of the first vegan products last year, the spreads are now the next major milestone in a core market that is relevant for the company. In the further course of the year, a vegan grated cheese alternative in the varieties "Pizza-Zeit" and "Auflauf-Zeit" will follow as additional lighthouse product.

With the new spreads, the company wants to create fresh impulses in this market and reach new target groups who use plant based alternatives on both a regular and occasional basis. "We want to give consumers the opportunity to easily choose according to their individual preferences", says Carsten Habermann, COO Brand at DMK Group. In doing so, the vegan spreads meet all the criteria that customers already know from the milk portfolio under MILRAM and from the German market leader in seasoned quarks: Excellent taste and variety combined with short, understandable ingredient lists without artificial flavours, preservatives or flavour enhancers. "In keeping with our brand motto 'Macht´s euch einfach lecker (relax and treat yourself)', we offer consumers alternatives under MILRAM's 100 % plant-based line where they don't have to do without anything," says Habermann. "We thus believe that a coexistence of dairy and non-dairy products can work well, stimulate the market and offer dynamic growth opportunities. That's why we don't see competition here, but an opportunity to reach more consumers."

With its approach, the company is now clearly focusing on its core competences and wants to transfer its know-how and awareness in focus categories to the corresponding vegan segments. "We are taking a very targeted approach to establishing the new business segment and are taking a close look at which categories and product segments we are present in the market and can expand the business segment. The market for plant-based alternatives is a rapidly developing, agile market in which all players are currently trying to find their position. The goal is to find the right balance between meeting consumer needs for alternatives on the one hand and being present in the categories that are relevant for us on the other," says Habermann.

The vegan spreads based on pea protein and coconut fat will be produced at DMK's Erfurt site and will be available in stores in 155g cup format from April 2023. The launch of the new products will be accompanied nationally by a 360° campaign on TV, online, on all social media channels and via various campaigns at the POS.