André Hausendorf, Team coordinator in the filling area
We are Germany's largest dairy cooperative. Who do we have to thank for that? Our employees and farmers. We would like to introduce them to you in more detail. Take André Hausendorf, for example, who has been working for us for an incredible 34 years and has thus played an active role in shaping the dairy industry. We talked to the team coordinator in the filling area about his career and his specific tasks at DMK. He also tells us why he would recommend DMK as an employer at any time.

Hello, what's your name, how old are you and what is your function at DMK?

My name is André Hausendorf, I am 52 years young and I work at the Holdorf plant in the Filling area as a team coordinator.

Why do you work at DMK?

A completed apprenticeship as a dairy technician in Holdorf was my entry into the dairy industry. I then worked in various areas (plant room, UHT / VBT operator, filling) until about 10 years ago I was given the opportunity to work as a team coordinator in the filling area. 

What are you working on specifically?

My current task is to plan so that we have as little downtime as possible on the machines, the employees are deployed efficiently and, in the end, a flawless, high-quality product is produced.

Why do you consider DMK to be competent, credible and forward-looking?

There are now already 34 years on my "DMK work clock", which shows that I enjoy working here. One example of this - we respect each other, talk about ideas and problems at eye level, and approach this as a team. 

It never ceases to amaze you how diverse milk is. And what you can make from it. 

The fact that DMK moves with the times can be seen in our work, that we do not close ourselves off to new things, and that we accept challenges. For example, we now produce pasture milk, frozen mascarpone or Dairy Based Cloudifier.

Is DMK a traditional company for you?

DMK is also a traditional company for me! Although there have been one or two mergers over the years, the parent headquarters in Zeven have always remained. And if you are asked where you work and mention the name MILRAM in connection, everyone knows.

Why would you recommend DMK as an employer?

I would always recommend DMK as an employer: You are treated with respect, you have many opportunities to develop yourself and you get to know many interesting work routines. I would also like to contribute my experience in the next few years and help us have a good successful time! It is definitely worthwhile being or becoming part of the DMK team!