Upgrade for the future
Putting money into a high-performance system will give market leader MILRAM a further boost. The technology will keep the company at the cutting edge in the spring and spicy quark category.

MILRAM’s revamp also includes a packaging upgrade. As of May, all spring and spice quarks in the 185 g pack are being sold in new tubs, in a move that modernizes the product and makes it more sustainable.

Good recyclability

By using only PP mono-material for the cup and lid of the product, consumers will only need to dispose of the aluminum layer separately, making it easier to recycle.

Less material

The packaging upgrade enables a material saving of 3 grams of packaging weight compared to the previous 185 g cup. That will save a massive 175 tons of packaging material every year.

Shapely new shape

The new packaging shape is more elegant, dynamic and modern. A little “ear” shape shows where you open the lid – and the elongated tab and point elevation make it easier for people to hold the lid, too. A further new feature is the wave shape along the bottom edge of the cup, which lightens up the overall design of the packaging and serves to show the creaminess of its contents. The new system and new pot all lay the foundations for future packaging innovation and better recyclability of the materials used.