Impressive appearance plus solid content.
Oldenburger Professional is launching a new website. It focuses on showing the product benefits and the way they work in practice.

Oldenburger Professional is DMK’s foodservice brand for the international market beyond Europe. We have spent the past few years working hard to make this brand more appealing for professionals and create new solutions for chefs. The website has also been adapted to match the brand’s new look. The focus is on the benefits of Oldenburger Professional products and how they can be used, as these are particularly directed towards chefs. Next, the packaging for Oldenburger Professional products will also be upgraded. The new website provides a lot of inspiration for chefs, in the form of recipes and videos. Heiko Antoniewicz, Oldenburger Professional’s brand ambassador, developed some of these recipes and adapted them to local tastes and preferences. There is something here for every chef, from lemongrass crème brûlée to pizza to sweet dim sum with hazelnut milk.

Alongside inspiring recipes and videos, the site also provides step-by-step instructions for chefs. They show how to make a good pizza or perfectly whipped cream using Oldenburger Professional products. When chefs are making decisions about which product they want to use, one of the most important criteria is how well UHT cream can be whipped. The website now provides a cream calculator so professionals can decide which product is best suited to their needs and how much they could save by switching products.