Sustainability in sight
Protecting the climate is a top priority at DMK. The Product Carbon Footprint provides a transparent view of the company’s progress so far.

Climate protection has been a headline issue for years and many DMK customers have set themselves ambitious targets. They report on their emissions every year and in order to do that, they need data from their suppliers such as DMK. For some customers, up to two thirds of all their emissions come from milk and meat suppliers, making it all the more important for them to receive emissions data from DMK every year.

Versatile IT needed

To give customers this information, we needed to establish and provide the Product Carbon Footprint for goods as simply as possible – along with finding ways to reduce emissions internally. Our production program is so varied that it is difficult to calculate the data manually, as greenhouse gas emissions naturally depend on the product in question. But software solutions proved the way to find the data needed.

“We are doing everything we can to reduce the CO2 footprint at DMK.”

Lucian Paxino, Senior Manager Climate Strategy
Lucian Paxino, Senior Manager Climate Strategy

Data for visibility

For every single one of our products, we know the recipe and how much energy is consumed to create it. We use special databases to calculate the emissions involved in making each particular product. One important part of that is the data that comes from the farms we work with, transmitting the carbon footprint through the agri climate check. That data allows us to figure out the carbon footprint of our raw milk.

Emissions at a glance

Customized software solutions enable us to calculate and communicate the emissions generated for individual items as well as the total emissions involved in what customers buy from DMK. That helps us internally too as we can look closer at the ways we can cut greenhouse gas emissions.

“DMK aims to cut CO2 emissions by 20 % by 2030 compared to base year 2020.”

Maximilian Blum, Senior Manager, Strategy & Climate
Maximilian Blum, Senior Manager, Strategy & Climate