Nils Wordtmann, Dairy technologist
“There is always something new to learn. Of course there is also a certain routine, but there is always something unforeseen that we have to deal with.”

Hello, what's your name, how old are you and what's your function at DMK?

My name is Nils Wordtmann, I am 26 years old and a dairy technologist.

What made you want to become a dairy technologist?

Close acquaintances of mine work in packaging and I heard from them that there are very good working conditions at the DMK Group. So I took a look around and applied directly.

What did you do before the training?

Before that I worked as a floor layer.

In your own words, what does a milk technologist actually do?

A dairy technologist operates all the equipment needed to produce all the products that are made from or with milk. In the cheese dairy, for example, they operate the cheese makers and the casomatics, as well as the presses and the salt bath. The work also includes daily cleaning of the equipment, troubleshooting and sampling in order to continuously check the quality in the production process. 
Accordingly, as a dairy technologist, it is very important to pay special attention to ensuring that products are produced with the highest level of safety so that they are of perfect quality when they reach the consumer in the shopping trolley. We ensure this through a good and reliable hygiene concept. 

What fascinates you about this profession?

t's really interesting. There is always something new to learn. Of course there is also a certain routine, but something unforeseen always occurs that we have to take care of. It's a pleasant job and clearly also lucrative. 

What made the training there special?

The fact that you could take a look at all the departments to get to know the processes and work. It was always interesting and there was a lot to learn. In addition, trainers and all other colleagues were always available to answer questions, had an open ear and the exchange was on an equal footing.

What tasks did you have to complete during the practical exam? Did you find it easy or difficult?

In the final exam, I had to skim 100 liters of milk. In other words, I had to separate milk into skim milk and cream. To do this, I had to warm the milk to 55° degrees and then separate it. And then heat the cream and the skim milk respectively. I also had to make drinking milk and a cheese (Gouda) in the cheese factory. When it came to the final exam, I was really well prepared - it worked out well. Also thanks to the great support from the team.

With what grade did you graduate?

I passed my exam with a grade of 1.4. That made me 2nd best in Lower Saxony.

Will you continue to work at DMK? What tasks await you?

In the near future, I would definitely like to continue working at DMK and gain more experience. As far as the distant future is concerned, I can't say exactly yet, I'll let that come to me. 

In which direction would you like to develop professionally?

I could imagine several directions in which I would like to develop further. For example, I could imagine doing a master's degree or even studying food technology. But maybe also something completely different. 

Your tip for others who are interested in the profession/training?

I can recommend the profession and the training at DMK in many ways. It is a super interesting training. And because you go through all departments once during the training, you learn a lot. The good pay and social benefits as well as a suitable number of vacation days were also decisive for me. You should just consider in advance whether you can handle the shift work. 

Why did you decide on DMK?

Fair pay, extra vacation, proximity to home and the interesting work.

What does a company have to fulfill for you / what aspects?

Opportunities for professional development, good working atmosphere and employees should be treated honestly and fairly.