United for a sustainable future: DMK’s heart beats not only for milk, but people

Our employees, dairy farmers and partners – the heroes behind the vision. 

Milk alone is not the key to our success. Above all, it depends on the people whose dedication and commitment make the DMK Group what it is. As innovators in the dairy industry and part of a green industrial group at home all round the globe, our 6,600 employees embody not only their profession, but our shared values as well. In their roles as food experts, dairy specialists and sustainability champions, they are the engine that drives our vision forward day after day

We are a family.

Our workers are not only employees, but members of a big family - #TeamDMK. Down-to-earth, reliable, regional, open, diverse and assured, even in times of crisis. The DNA of the DMK Group is reflected in every one of our workers, who are not only experts in their field but also have the mentality of thinking today about tomorrow ingrained in them.

A successful work-life balance is important to us. So we are there for our people. And we want to create prospects for them – including in their personal lives. Many of our employees have family commitments, whether looking after children or taking care of relatives who are elderly or in need of care. We therefore support our employees by collaborating with external partners to find solutions for such cases. Specially qualified consultants support our employees with all issues or problems in the areas of childcare, homecare and elder care (sickness or care dependency).

Our farmers are an established part of #TeamDMK.

Our dairy farmers are the core of our company. With the high-quality milk that they produce with great passion and commitment, they supply the fundamentals for our products. We are one of the largest dairy companies in Europe organised on cooperative lines, and have a tradition of collaborating with our farmers that goes back for more than 200 years. We know that the notion of an 8-hour day is foreign to them and that they work with tireless devotion. It is therefore important to us to give them a fair reward and recognition for their work.
As a cooperative, we embody a strong “we feeling” and this is also manifest in the voices of our employees and farmers.

The “We feeling” on a grand scale –  impossible without our partners.

Our partnerships with dairy farmers, customers and other stakeholders are an essential part of our route to a more sustainable future. The DMK Group’s values, based on innovation, sustainability and teamwork, are reflected in every partnership. Together, we are making history and shaping the future of the dairy industry.