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Chris Siedentopp, Product Developer Brand MILRAM, R&D Zeven
The events of 2022 have significantly sped up work in my department. Now we have to react much more quickly to changes that are happening on a dayto-day basis and adapt our processes.

The war in Ukraine is affecting almost every area. My father is a farmer at DMK and I exchange ideas with him a lot. He is happy about the higher milk price, but he is also concerned with the shortage of raw materials in agriculture. I feel I need to support him and other farmers by making sure their milk sells well. That is why it matters to me to develop good new products for the food retail trade that contain their milk. Whenever we launch a new product, I can’t wait to try it out with my father. I enjoy sharing the results with him. I want him to know that his milk is valued, but that vegan milk alternatives are also important. They should complement our core business, with milk in first place. They cannot replace milk. He tried some vegan products for the first time himself a few months ago. “It’s good to eat,” he said of the chocolate pudding. That’s pretty high praise from him.