A wide range of sustainably produced products
Milk is a staple food and plays a central role in our diet. Dairy products provide important nutrients such as calcium, proteins, vitamins and minerals, which are indispensable for a balanced diet and essential for the health of bones, muscles and teeth.

The German Nutrition Society (DGE) therefore recommends consuming milk and dairy products every day. This reinforces our commitment to offering you high-quality, nutrient-rich products that meet your daily requirements for essential nutrients. 
We therefore offer you a wide range of products: DMK offers baby food specially tailored to the needs of tiny infants, which is trusted by parents in around 50 countries. As one of the biggest cheese manufacturers in Europe, we supply German and international food retailers with popular classic cheeses such as gouda, mozzarella and edam, and with some specialities as well. We offer dairy products for all tastes with classic products such as milk, cream or quark as well as brands like MILRAM FrühlingsQuark. What’s more, a range made from plant-based ingredients also enhances our product range, and DMK ingredients are to be found in quite a few sports nutrition products. Excellent ice cream has also been one of our hallmarks for more than 60 years. Our assortment reaches people by various routes. We don’t deliver solely to end consumers, but are also a key partner and supplier to the food manufacturing industry. This is another route for our products into the retail sector, as well as food service where they are highly esteemed by chefs. We also offer business customers in contract manufacturing a wide range of product and packaging solutions. Our long experience and our commitment to quality make us a reliable partner for companies of all sizes.