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Start your professional career with an apprenticeship at DMK and ensure a sustainable future.


Five departments, one team: that's what you can expect at DMK.

As Germany's largest dairy co-operative, we have a broad base and are an established player in the food industry. What we are not is an anonymous conglomerate. Open, friendly co-operation is and remains essential - especially in training. You can only learn from each other and broaden your own horizons by engaging in dialogue. We realise that well-trained junior staff are the driving force behind our success and we welcome them with open arms, regardless of how they join us. Does this sound like an employer where you want to learn, grow and achieve success? Then we look forward to hearing from you and receiving your application.
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IT is the backbone of our company. Without it, (almost) nothing works. Logically, we do not let this important task out of our hands - and prefer to…

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Warehouse and logistics

In the right place at the right time: This is the place to be for anyone who wants to get stuck in and get things moving.

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Food technology and nutrition

Our heart: milk processing. Quality and hygiene are the be-all and end-all here. What else is part of our recipe for success? We'll tell you in your…

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Technology & Electronics

State-of-the-art systems and equipment are used in the production of our milk and dairy products. Operating them professionally is something that…

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Administration and human resources

Discover the many opportunities in administration and human resources with us: Whether purchasing, accounting, HR, marketing or sales - you will…

“For the future at DMK, I would like to see even more training in logistics and for people to learn more about the area outside the plants.”

Kim Hilljegerdes
Teamleader Warehouse and former trainees at DMK
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Advantages and development

Enjoy many benefits and individual development opportunities with your training at DMK.

An apprenticeship at DMK offers you the opportunity to start your career in an innovative and future-orientated company. We attach great importance to practical training in which you are supported by experienced colleagues and can actively contribute. You will have the opportunity to specialise in various areas and realise your full potential. We offer our trainees numerous training and development programmes to prepare them optimally for their future careers. Become part of our team and get off to a flying start with an apprenticeship at DMK!
Start Up Days

The best way to get off to a good start is together: we start with a 3-day induction, during which you get to know your new colleagues and the company.

Travelling allowance

Goes down well: You can count on our financial support for longer journeys.


We subsidise your teaching materials with 120 euros net per year and cover the school and accommodation costs for all dairy industry training courses.

Employee service

Apprenticeships, working hours, payroll - you're sure to have lots of questions when you start your career. Our employee service has the answers for you.

Customised further training

Further training, study or craft course, part-time or full-time - after you graduate, all paths are open to you with us.


Make yourself strong for new challenges: our familiar working culture, constructive feedback and our professional trainers.


Plans are good, flexibility is better: sometimes personal circumstances develop differently than expected. Then we will find a solution together.


Supporting trainees poses major challenges for companies and their trainers on a day-to-day basis. With the "GROW" programme, the DMK Group has initiated a multi-year process to improve training. The main focus was on the question of how trainers can better support their trainees in their personal development. However, this approach is usually not institutionalised in companies' training guidelines. We are now leading the way with a pioneering project and introducing new structures and standards. So that you and all other trainees receive even better and more sustainable training.

Alliance for YOUth

As a member of the "Alliance for YOUth", we primarily support young people under the age of 30 and want to give them an easy start to their careers. For school pupils, we offer exciting training opportunities and internships in numerous professional fields. Students can gain an impression of our work through internships during their studies and acquire additional qualifications or write their final thesis with us. You are welcome to apply directly online (for a specific offer or on your own initiative) or contact us.

“I find the big picture incredible, such as the way so many areas flow into one another. Everyone has their job here and everyone is responsible for making it work.”

Janes Fast
Janes Fast, trainee industrial clerk and prospective European business management assistant

Discover the diverse world of the dairy industry - with an internship at DMK.

Are you still unsure which training programme you would like to start at DMK? Or would you like to get to know a specific area better? Great - then why not do a one to three-week internship with us. This will allow you to familiarise yourself with the many facets of a dairy company and gain valuable initial experience. Internships for school pupils are possible throughout the year.
Money for your studies

Financial support and guaranteed employment: a successful start to your career with PROStudium.

PROStudium is a project of Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts in cooperation with selected companies from the dairy and food industry in Lower Saxony and Germany. We would like to support you during your studies with a monthly grant of €1,000. If you have previously completed vocational training in the dairy industry, you will even receive €1,200 per month. The degree programme lasts seven semesters at Faculty II of Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts at the Ahlem site. During the lecture-free period (in the summer) and in the practical phase, you will work at your company's site. After successfully completing this degree programme, you will work at your partner company for another three years. This guarantees you a job straight after your Bachelor's degree.
Good team. Doing good.

Find out first-hand what it's like to work at DMK. Our employees share their very personal stories.


Truck driving and so much more

Over 300 of DMK’s own milk tanker drivers collect the valuable raw material from the farms every day. Beyond driving skills, they bring a slew of…

It’s people who make the difference

Everyone is an ambassador, whether on social media or over the garden fence.

André Hausendorf, Team coordinator in the filling area

We are Germany's largest dairy cooperative. Who do we have to thank for that? Our employees and farmers. We would like to introduce them to you in…

Lena Herkenhoff, Dairy and dairy industry trainer

Women in management positions are naturally also a big topic at DMK. We talked to Lena Herkenhoff, trainer for the dairy industry, about the…

Kim Hilljegerdes, Specialist Warehouse

With around 7,500 employees, the DMK Group is Germany's largest dairy cooperative. But what actually happens when families meet here in everyday…

Dream Job Dairy technologist

We would not have yoghurt, quark or cheese without them – but few people know that the job of a dairy technologist is varied, technically highly…

We live diversity

As a global company employing people from more than 50 nations, DMK is taking a clear stand against exclusion and hate.

Back Home

They left DMK and then they came back. Two employees reflect on what they learned by working at other companies.

Training: Smart and Strategic

DMK’s development programs are taking on a whole new dimension with arvaport. Lena Herkenhoff, Apprentice Instructor in Zeven, shares some key facts…

“The working world has a similar structure to in Ukraine”

The Edewecht cheese dairy has taken on five refugees from Ukraine. The company is making a humanitarian contribution to integration while also…

What makes today’s teens tick?

Irina Appelhoff spends her days focusing on what interests teenagers these days – and how to get them excited about DMK.

Sisters running the show

Marieke and Laura Allers are set to run a fourth-generation family farm. They are taking over the dairy – and discarding traditional gender roles.

Doing it your way

Having one job plus another on the side, returning to work sooner after parental leave or whatever else you can imagine. No matter how what you want…

The future lies in humanity.

How are HR managers supporting transformation? Tijen Onaran, entrepreneur and diversity expert discusses the changing world of work with Ines…

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