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Become part of our team and work with us to develop sustainable and delicious recipes for cheese, ice cream, dairy products and vegan alternatives.

Food technology

DMK relies on pioneering technologies and the highest quality standards to create unique products.

Our passion for high-quality food drives us to constantly break new ground and utilise innovative technologies. We rely on the highest quality standards and a careful selection of raw materials to create unique products that delight our customers. At DMK, we work every day to optimise our processes and make our products even better.

Our laboratory is the centrepiece of DMK. This is where our products are put through their paces to ensure the highest quality and safety. Our experts in this area work with the latest equipment and methods to analyse and continuously improve the composition of our products. They apply the highest standards and strict controls to ensure that our customers receive only the best. 

Food technology

Food technology at DMK is an important part of our mission to produce high-quality and safe products that also taste good and are fun to eat. Our colleagues work with innovative technologies and processes to improve the quality of our products and at the same time produce them in a resource-saving way. We are proud to be able to offer our customers products that taste good and are produced in an environmentally friendly way..

Dairy technology

DMK combines dairy technology with innovation, sustainability and high quality. Our experts use state-of-the-art methods to optimise the quality of our dairy products and conserve resources at the same time. We emphasise strict controls and high standards to provide our customers with safe and delicious dairy products they can rely on. From our cultivation to processing and packaging, DMK makes no compromises to ensure that every product is perfect.

Jan Erik Ploog, Continuous Improvement (CI) Engineer

From theory to practice. And back to theory again. Sometimes you don't realise where your passion lies until after your training and in your job. Like…

Janes Fast, Trainee industrial clerk, prospective European clerk

"I think the big picture is incredible, like how so many areas work together. Everyone has their job here and everyone is responsible for making it…

“There's always something new to learn. Of course there is also a certain routine, but there is always something unforeseen that we have to deal with.”

Nils Wordtmann
Dairy technologist
Technology & Electronics

DMK sets standards for the future of the dairy industry with innovative technology and pioneering developments.

DMK relies on advanced technology to ensure sustainable and efficient production. Our Technical & Electrical Department ensures smooth processes and maximum efficiency in production. We rely on advanced machinery and precise electrical systems to ensure the quality of our products and minimise energy consumption. Our highly qualified experts are constantly working on optimising and developing new solutions in order to actively shape the future of the dairy industry. Sustainability is a central aspect of our commitment: we rely on environmentally friendly technologies to reduce our ecological footprint and fulfil the highest quality standards.

Maintenance is an important area at DMK, as our technical teams ensure that our systems are always up to date and run smoothly. Our colleagues in maintenance are responsible for ensuring that our machines are always in top condition and that our production runs safely and efficiently. In this way, they actively contribute to ensuring that we can always manufacture our products to the highest quality and offer our customers the best products. 

Machines and systems

The machines and systems at DMK are the backbone of our production. We rely on state-of-the-art technologies to optimise our processes and improve the quality of our products. In doing so, we ensure that our machines and systems work in a way that conserves resources and at the same time fulfils the highest standards.

Our employees in this area are highly qualified and have many years of experience in the operation and maintenance of our machines and systems.

Operating technology

Operating technology at DMK is the engine of our production. Our experienced experts use innovative methods to optimise and continuously improve processes. In doing so, we ensure that plants and buildings are operated safely and efficiently to guarantee flawless production. Overall, operational technology at DMK stands for efficiency, safety and sustainability. We are proud to be able to offer our customers safe and delicious products that are produced in an environmentally friendly way and meet the highest quality standards.

Automation technology

Automation technology plays an important role at DMK in ensuring efficient and high-quality production. Smart technologies are used to automate and optimise processes. Automation not only saves costs, but also minimises errors. Our experts in this field are committed to the continuous further development of automation technology in order to continue to meet the high demands on quality and efficiency in the future.


Mechatronics is an indispensable part of production at DMK. Our mechatronics engineers work at the interface between mechanics, electronics and IT and use their expertise to ensure that the production systems run smoothly. They are responsible for the planning, development and maintenance of the systems and utilise the latest technologies. In this way, they make a significant contribution to the efficiency and quality of production and are enormously important for the company's success.

“As a maintenance technician, I work with my team to ensure that our systems run smoothly. run. I love the technical challenges and the feeling that my work contributes to the fact that we reliably produce high-quality products every day.”

Roman Bitter
maintenance technician
Warehouse and logistics

The warehouse and logistics department at DMK ensures the smooth and efficient provision of our favourite products for our users.

In the warehouse and logistics department at DMK, we use our many years of expertise and forward-looking solutions to ensure that our products are stored efficiently and delivered quickly to our customers. We attach great importance to optimum organisation and process optimisation in order to guarantee smooth processing. We work closely with our partners to optimise the supply chain and ensure the quality of our products. Our goal? To always offer our customers reliable and fast delivery while acting sustainably and responsibly.

In the warehouse department at DMK, we are committed to ensuring that our products are optimally stored and managed. We make sure that all processes run smoothly and that our stocks are always up to date. We work closely with our colleagues in production and logistics to ensure efficient inventory management. Our aim is to ensure the quality of our products and always offer our customers a high level of availability.


The logistics department at DMK is the centrepiece of our supply chain. This is where we ensure the smooth, efficient and reliable delivery of our products. Our experienced employees and partners work closely together to continuously optimise our delivery processes while minimising our environmental footprint. Our goal is to always provide our customers with fast, efficient and environmentally conscious delivery.

Milk transport

The professional drivers for milk collection lorries at DMK are an important part of our supply chain. They ensure that our milk producers transport our high-quality milk safely and reliably to our processing plants. As we attach great importance to the safety and efficiency of our milk transport operations, we provide our drivers with the latest vehicles and technologies to ensure they can work safely and comfortably.


Working in a feel-good atmosphere: discover our benefits.

At DMK, you can expect numerous benefits that promote your career and well-being. We offer attractive remuneration, flexible working hours, training opportunities, a company pension scheme and much more. A positive working atmosphere and good teamwork are particularly important to us. That is why we also offer you various health promotion measures such as fitness programmes and ergonomic workstations. We want everyone to feel comfortable with us and be able to realise their full potential. Are you

As a critical infrastructure company, our business is built on a stable foundation and feeds millions. That's why you can expect holiday and Christmas bonuses in addition to collectively agreed pay and a company pension scheme.

Work-life balance

You can look forward to an attractive flexitime system and 30 days holiday per year.

Offers for employees

You can obtain goods and services from a wide range of areas at attractive prices via our employee offers, which are available at any time - from fashion and technology to sporting events and everything to do with food. Numerous insurance policies from reputable providers can also be taken out at favourable prices via the Versicherungskontor.

Job ticket

As the topic of sustainability is of particular relevance to DMK, you can apply for a regional job ticket or the Deutschlandticket at favourable conditions. DMK grants an additional subsidy for the selected job ticket.

Fitness and wellness

The health and well-being of our colleagues is of central importance to us. DMK therefore covers the cost of workplace glasses up to a certain limit and offers life coaching and counselling on topics such as childcare and homecare eldercare via the PME family service. 

In addition, you can take out a monthly membership with Hansefit at particularly lucrative conditions and take advantage of a wide range of sports and wellness offers.

Working cafés, a fitness room or even a company car park for your car or bicycle? Our new building at Bremen Airport offers all of this.


Would you like to get to know your colleagues outside of work? With the group-wide DMK football cup, our department meetings and other exciting events, this aspect is not neglected either.

Employee engagement and strength orientation

At DMK, we live a strength-based culture in which communication takes place at eye level and all employees can play an active role in shaping the company. This is why your individual opinion is incorporated into our annual employee survey BUZZER and translated into measures.

Our comprehensive training and development opportunities allow you to recognise your strengths and develop them on an ongoing basis. From the promotion of your further training, our mentoring programme, the Group-wide PASSION management trainee programme to exciting e-learning opportunities - lifelong learning is an essential part of our culture.

Are you interested in efficiency and process improvement and would like to contribute this interest to #TeamDMK? Our TIGER programme offers you extensive opportunities to do so.

Would you like to actively support our employer brand and enrich #TeamDMK? For all employees who are hired at DMK thanks to your support, you will receive 500 euros gross as an advertiser.


Taking your career to the next level: We offer comprehensive measures to promote your professional goals.

As an employer, the professional development of our employees is important to us. That is why we have developed effective strategies to develop and promote their potential in a targeted manner. Our measures range from special training opportunities to individual coaching sessions to ensure that each individual can achieve their professional goals. We are convinced that the well-being and professional development of our employees are the basis for successful collaboration and look forward to working with them to achieve success.
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