Chapter 1

The team & the times

Milk pricect/kg
Ø DMK135,88
Ø BLE235,70

1 Including all average surcharges (Milkmaster bonus, logistics bonus, GMO surcharge and dividend).
2 Price comparison including surcharges and discounts according to German reporting regulations for conventional milk. Without special payment.

Chapter 2


They are our greatest strength: the people in the DMK Group. They have once again given their all in 2021. So let's take a look together at the facts and figures surrounding the DMK team. You can also find more details about our progress in 2021 in the chapter „Our DMK“ .


EmployeesNumberin %
By occupational status
Severely disabled3196,7
By gender
By age
below age 3092815,9
age 30 to 502.79047,8
above age 502.11836,3
Average tenure of 13.5 years
Employees by type of employment contractNumberin %
Full time4.62187,3
Part time67012,7
Employees covered by collective bargaining agreements15.75898,7
Employee turnover3886,7
New hires24537,8
DMK GmbH + subsidiaries in which DMK holds min. 75% (region: Germany and the Netherlands), as of: 31.12.2021
1 Excluding senior executives
2 Excluding seasonal workers
Our farmers in 2021*Number
Deutsches Milchkontor eG4.549
Contract suppliers to DMK GmbH17
DOC Kaas612

* Excluding farmers from member dairies and subsidiarie
Accident rates in 2021
Total number125190197
per 1 mill. Working hours162324
Absence time index0,290,330,28
DMK GmbH + subsidiaries in which DMK holds min. 75% (excl. DP Supply).

Overview of committee work.

In the past year, we were again in constant exchange with all stakeholders within the DMK Group. Here you will find all the details of our meetings and sessions that took place in 2021.

Chapter 4


For the DMK Group, the issue of sustainability has become an essential aspect of its strategic orientation. That is why we approach this important task holistically and work on the farms, in the factories and along the supply chain to make more animal welfare, biodiversity, climate and environmental protection possible while at the same time reducing emissions and energy and water consumption. Of course, this also includes the permanent reduction of waste, the recyclability of packaging and responsible resource management.  

In the „Sustainability “   chapter of our annual report, we are happy to tell you more about our work in 2021. Here you will find the corresponding figures.



Emissionen (Scope 1-3) im ÜberblickAnteil in %
Purchased feed, fertiliser, etc. 24
Purchased ingredients8

Share of Scope 1-3: Direct emissions and indirect emissions from the value chain

Sustainability on the farms

Animal welfare, biodiversity and environmental and climate protection start on the farm. Here, farmers work for more sustainability every day - for example, with modern animal husbandry and regionally produced feed.

Housing systems and share in milk volume
Farms by type of housing systemsNumberin %Milk volume (in %)
Total 5.178100100
Loose housing4.00377,396,1
Tie-stall housing1.17522,73,9
Average of 105 cows per farm

Sustainability at our factories

Every year, we also look for new ways to use resources such as energy, water and ingredients responsibly at DMK locations.

Direct energy consumption (kWh)202120202019
Of which, from non-renewable sources1.507.157.7001.512.197.9731.507.157.710
Natural gas1.055.003.2461.051.376.6081.053.050.259
Direct heating44.332.34946.052.33846.811.556
Diesel fuel 60.407.16765.184.00087.810.390
Liquid gas540.485566.385661.414
Heating oil843.230749.6601.978.725
Of which, from renewable sources12.936.90614.233.40514.876.039
DMK GmbH incl. all subsidiaries in which DMK holds 75%, excl. DOC Kaas. The basis for the survey of direct energy from non-renewable sources is the energy volumes actually consumed. The basis for the survey of direct energy from renewable sources is the purchase of biomass and the conversion of wood consumption. Biomass at Waren site.

Measures to reduce energy consumption

Altentreptow Water and heat reuse system, optimisation of cooling generation
Beesten New construction of a spray drying plant for waste heat utilisation
BobrowConversion to environmentally friendly coolants
DargunInstallation of an efficient compressed air system, construction of a heat exchanger
EdewechtNew energy-efficient steam boiler plant, site-wide low-temperature waste heat utilisation, linking of heat sources and sinks
ErfurtCondensate recirculation to utilise the waste heat
EverswinkelOptimisation of the cooling system
HohenwestedtNew construction of an energy-efficient refrigeration plant, construction of a heat swing
HoldorfInfrastructure project for the recycling of condensates, waste heat utilisation as well as the introduction of a new burner technology
HoogeveenReduction of air emissions
GeorgsmarienhütteOptimisation of the cooling system, site-wide low-temperature waste heat utilisation, linking of heat sources and sinks
NeubörgerCommissioning of a new heating and filling plant, installation of a more energy-efficient refrigeration system
NordhackstedtNew construction of a product line according to new energy standards, new construction of a more energy-efficient refrigeration system with safety upgrade
PrenzlauInstallation of an energy-efficient cooling system
StrückhausenConstruction of a new energy-efficient energy centre with combined heat and power unit, conversion of the refrigeration plant, construction of a more energy-efficient drying plant and reduction of air emissions
WaghäuselUse of a photovoltaic plant
WarenConversion of the cooling system, construction of a heat swing
ZevenNew energy centre with 2 highly efficient steam boiler plants and combined heat and power plant, conversion of the refrigeration plant to increase energy efficiency, waste heat utilisation through spray drying systems.
Fresh water m3Waste water m3
Total : 6.795.668,67Total : 7.022.130,6
Own water: 2.270.586,00Direct discharge: 2.215.689,3
External water: 4.525.082,7Indirect discharge: 4.806.441,4

DMK GmbH + at least 75% subsidiaries (excluding DC Kaas, sunval)

Measures to optimise water consumption

Altentreptow MARS project: Water and heat reuse system
EdewechtReuse of water, participation in the EU research project "B-WaterSmart
EverswinkelConstruction of a rainwater retention basin
HoldorfWater-efficiency project
HoogeveenPreparation of brine for reuse
GeorgsmarienhütteWaste water treatment of the vapours to reduce emissions
NordhackstedtReuse of water for use in the steam boiler, expansion of wastewater treatment, various water-saving measures
StrückhausenReduction of waste water through optimised cleaning processes in the drying tower
WaghäuselConstruction of autoclaves with a water and heat efficiency system
WarenReduction of wastewater loads
By type Amount in t
Reusable packaging materials 6.473,5
Residual waste/household waste766,3
Construction and demolition waste577,8
Hazardous waste400,0
Destroyed files 766,3
Other (excluding sewage)240,3
Recycling rate: 97,6%
DMK GmbH + at least 75% subsidiaries (excluding Altentreptow, Holdorf und DOC)
Number of certified cities in 2021
CertificationDMK GmbHDMK-subsidiaries
International Food Standard (IFS)813
British Retail Consortium (BRC)37
ISO 22000 / Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000 32
Q&S (Futtermittelstandard)85

You want to know more?

If you would like to learn more about our work in 2021, you can now find more information in our integrated annual and sustainability report.