MILRAM brings in a fresh breeze

DMK brand continues to sharpen its profile with new packaging design
Bremen, 21. October 2022.
The DMK Group's flagship brand is bringing a fresh breeze into the MILRAM beach hut with a 360-degree packaging relaunch. From November, the new designs for the brand's milk-based products will be available in stores. The MILRAM cheese range will be the first to be launched - the other ranges will follow. The core element of the new appearance is the brand stage already familiar from TV commercials and brand communication: the "MILRAM beach hut".

After around 10 years in the existing design, the packaging of the Dairy range is now also following the strategic line of the MILRAM brand. "With the packaging relaunch, we are consistently taking the next step to further sharpen the profile of our brand. Because we want consumers to experience the brand in a uniform brand identity," says Nicole Liedloff, Marketing Director Brand Retail. 

MILRAM's northern German origin paired with fresh taste and casual lifestyle offers enormous potential for differentiation. "It forms our DNA and gives our brand an unmistakable home at first glance. The beach hut visualises all of this perfectly - which is why it is now also moving in visually on the new designs," says Liedloff. In future, the look of the beach hut will be present in the background of all packaging. The redesigned MILRAM logo blends in harmoniously with blue colour elements as the "sky and sea" in the upper third of the packaging. The new look is completed with different colour codes in a "brushstroke" look for each product in the lower third of the packaging. In previous market research tests, the new design already scored above average.

The fresh approach is also supported by the new brand message "MILRAM – macht´s euch einfach lecker (relax and treat yourself)". "Especially when it comes to food, things are very cerebral these days. That's why we want to encourage our customers to listen more to their gut feeling. Because no matter whether they choose our vegan or dairy-based products - what counts is the feeling of treating yourself with something tasty," Liedloff emphasises. 

The design for the vegan range, which was already developed in the course of the brand's strategic focus, is only getting a minor facelift with a revised MILRAM logo as part of the packaging relaunch of the dairy portfolio. 

The new MILRAM design was developed together with the agency Pacoon. In addition to an announcement on the MILRAM self-service cheese packaging as well as social media and POS measures, the relaunch is also flanked by a new TV commercial for self-service cheese, which of course picks up on the "beach hut" theme and thus offers an appropriate stage for the new design from January.